How to Apply for Cruise Ship Jobs? All Cruise Jobs

If you are looking for a dynamic cruise ship jobs and you have no idea about how to apply for cruise ship jobs, than you are on right place now. Here I will explain you that how you can apply for Carnival Cruise Line, How you can Apply for Norwegian Cruise Line? How you can apply for Royal Caribbean Cruise line.

Here you will learn How to Apply for cruise Ship Jobs? Through their official website and all these hiring will be FREE of Cost.

What is the Qualification or Eligibility of Cruise Ship Jobs?

Before you apply for cruise ship jobs you must know about what is the eligibility of cruise ship jobs? So If you want to apply for cruise ship jobs then you must need to fullfill these criteria.

  • You must have valid passport.
  • You must passed SSC as per your position.
  • You need atleast two years of relevant experience.
  • You must read, write and speak English.

If you are applying for technical departments then your qualification must be relevant of that department like degree or diploma.

How to Apply for Carnival Cruise Ship Jobs?

So guys Carnival Cruise Line is number one company in the fleet to make your career with fun.

This is very simple ways to apply for cruise ship jobs from anywhere around the world and this hiring will be free of cost.

If you want to apply for Carnival Cruise Ship Jobs than please visit there official website

Once you visit to Carnival official website than you need to scroll down the page and click of Careers.

Once you click on careers than you will move to next page which shows you to choose Land base careers and shipboard careers.

Search cruise ship jobs

Here you need to choose search shipboard careers.

After that you will be able to see Search Jobs, Apply Now and Application Status.

Once you click on Apply Now, you will get all the available position and you can apply with phone or laptop.

Suggestion:- Wherever you apply for cruise ship jobs, spare 30-40minutes and complete your profile at once time. If you will not complete your profile at once, your profile may not get shortlisted.

How to Apply for Norwegian Cruise Ship Jobs?

So guys Norwegian Cruise Line is also one of the best cruise line to work and make your careers with free style cruising.

Here you will get to know step by step process to apply for Norwegian Cruise Ship Jobs.

If you are applying for first time for cruise ship jobs then be ready with all your relevant documents and visit NCL official website at

Here you need to scroll down the page and click on Our Company Icon.

Hete you can see that six icon is careers option, you just need to click on careers option.

After that you will reach on Career Opportunity page and there you need to select SHIPBOARD EMPLOYMENT.

Once you Click on Shipboard Employment, you will find two icon.

  • View Opportunities and Create an account

Here you need to click on View Opportunities, after that you need to visit on search jobs page.

Once you click on Search Jobs, you will get all the available position and from there you can apply for your choice.

How to Apply for Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Jobs?

So If you want to apply for Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Jobs then you just need to create an account on

Once you visit to this website you will find all the department jobs like Hotel, Marine and Private Destination.

Here you can choose your choice of department and you can register yourself.

Note:- If you are applying for any of cruise company as per my guide then you need to wait untill- If your profile met with their requirements than they will contact you via mail, So once you apply for cruise ship jobs then you will have to keep checking your mail.

Can You Smoke On a Cruise Ship?

Can You Smoke Ona Cruise Ship? If you are planning to do cruising than you must have a question about smoking on cruise ship, Do they allow smoking or they don’t allow smoking on cruise ship. On cruise ship the management first preference is safety, Safety of guests, safety of crew, and then anything else. Most of the Cruise company allowed smoking but only on designated area. This designated area may be anywhere on board.

Where You Can Smoke on Cruise Ship?

On Cruise Ship you can smoke only on designated area and these designated area will anywhere onboard like indoor or outdoor.

Smoking indoor on cruise ship may be by Casino or some other places, If you are not sure then you can call Guest Service to confirm smoking area on cruise ship.

Smoking Outdoor on cruise ship may be on deck 7 or Deck 8, it’s depends on ship size, So if you did not find the smoking area on cruise ship in outdoor then contact guest service to know where you can smoke.

Is Smoking Allowed Anywhere on a Cruise Ship?

Smoking anywhere on a cruise ship is very dangerous for everyone onboard, It may cause of fire onboard that’s why you are not allowed to smoke anywhere on cruise ship. You can smoke only on designated area on cruise ship.

Can You Smoke on Casino on Cruise Ship?

Casino is a major revenue sources of cruise ship and all the cruise company want that’s their guest stay longer in casino and play games that’s why they keep some smoking area by Casino too but not anywhere in Casino. So yes if you want to smoke in casino then you can check with your casino dealer.

Can You Smoke in Cabin on Cruise Ship?

Smoking is not allowed to your stateroom because of safety purpose, If you smoke in your cabin then smoke detectors will activate and bridge will get to know that you are smoking in your cabin. If your room smoke detectors will activate than security will come to your stateroom and they will take strict action against you.

But secret place to smoke in your room is your bathroom, smoking in bathroom is also not allowed due to safety reasons but most of them time people get caught smoking in bathroom.

The secret of the cruise ship you can smoke in your cabin but make sure the smoke is not too much. But this is also not allowed, So I will suggest you to don’t do anything like that.

Some Secret Facts about Cruise Ship

Q. Can You Bring Your Own Cigarette on Cruise Ship?
Ans- Yes you are allowed to bring your own choice of cigarettes on cruise ship for your vacation.

Q. Do Cruise Ship have Smoke Detectors?
Ans- Yes, Cruise Ship have a very high quality of smoke detectors which is placed all around the ship, like stateroom, galley, Gangways, Dinning, etc.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Check for Vapes?
Ans- Most of the Cruise Ship don’t check for Vapes while onboarding. People can bring their own Vapes on cruise ship and enjoy. If you are using Vapes on Cruise Ship than I Will suggest you to use it on designated area only.

Carnival Mardi Gras Itinerary May 2023

Carnival Mardi Gras is one of the best and latest cruise ship have in the fleet. Carnival Mardi gras launched with very unique and latest technology in the fleet like BOLT, the first roller coaster at sea.

Carnival Mardi Gras Itinerary May 2023

2-May-23Costa Maya8am-5pm
3-May-23Mohogany Bay8am-6am
4-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
5-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
6-May-23Port Canaveral 6am-4pm
7-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
8-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
9-May-23San Juan7an-4pm
10-May-23Amber Cove9am-6pm
11-May-23Grand Turk7am-4pm
12-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
13-May-23Port Canaveral6am – 4pm
14-May-23Sea DayFun Day at Sea
15-May-23Grand Turk9am-6pm
16-May-23Amber Cove7am-4pm
17-May-23San Juan10pm-7pm
19-May-23Sea DayFun day at Sea
20-May-23Sea DayFun day at Sea
21-May-23Port Canaveral 6am-4pm
22-May-23Nassau 10am-7pm
23-May-23Sea DayFun day at Sea
24-May-23Amber Cove9am-6pm
25-May-23Grant Turk7am-4pm
26-May-23Sea DayFun day at Sea
27-May-23Port Canaveral6am-4pm
28-May-23Sea DayFun day at Sea
29-May-23Cozumel 10am-7pm
30-May-23Costa Maya8am-5pm
31-May-23Mohogany Bay8am-6pm

How to Book a Carnival Cruise Ship for Cheap?

Carnival Mardi gras ship
Carnival Mardi Gras

If you love to do cruising with your love one and looking for a budget cruise ship then do an advance booking for your future cruising and get lots of benifits like cheap cruising, chance to book cabin with balcony, ocean view,etc.