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The Norwegian cruise line job is one of the most demanding jobs in the fleet, Everyone wants to be a part of the NCL team but only some are lucky. So here I will let you know about how you can join NCL Jobs? If you want to make NCL Careers successful then you must need to follow all the processes.

Before you apply for NCL jobs you must fulfill all the basics requirements about NCL Careers, Like Age requirements, Previous work experience, qualifications, etc.

Here I will let you know how you can apply for NCL Careers or NCL Jobs, So read all the details before applying for NCL careers. This will help you to get your choice of jobs on the first attempt.

I am working since 2015 with Norwegian Cruise Line and I know how you can be a part of NCL and how you can grow with NCL as a family member of NCL.

Cruise Ship Job Age Requirements

If you want to work onboard then you must be 18-21 years old, the minimum age limit to work onboard is 18 years old if you are working as a child care team but If you are working as an alcohol server like a bar waiter, bartender then you must be 21 years old.

The maximum age limit to work onboard is depends on company to company and department to department. Some of the companies do hire their fresh crew at age of 36-40 years old If you deserve the position you applied for.

How you can Apply for NCL Careers | NCL Jobs

There are two ways to apply for NCL Jobs:-

  • The first way, you can find the hiring partner for NCL jobs in your own country.
  • Go to the hiring partner’s official website and register yourself by creating a signUp procedure.
  • Here, If your profile gets shortlist then the hiring team will contact you by your E-Mail or by Phone number.
  • The second way, You can visit the direct cruise ship company official website and there you can register for shipboard jobs and Corporate Employment.
  • Once your profile gets shortlist than the hiring team of that company will contact you by given contact details.

Here is an example of applying for Norwegian Cruise Line:-

Norwegian Cruise Line Jobs Salary | NCL Jobs Salary

Why Norwegian Cruise Line is best for employment is because the Norwegian Cruise line pays the best salary to their crewmember or staff.

I am an example of a Norwegian Cruise Line Crew member, They pay an average salary of their crew is $10,800 USD Per Annum.

Example:- The Norwegian Cruise Line pay $1293 USD per month to their Assistant waiter but the Apolo Group of Cruise line pay $850 USD per month.

The NCL is a very fast-growing company and they are launching a brand new ship every next year’s comparatively another cruise line.

So If you are planning to become a part of Norwegian Cruise Line the go ahead and apply right now.

If you want to know more about Norwegian Cruise Line then please feel free to comment me below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question. 1. What Qualifications do you need to work on a cruise ship?

Answer. – You must be a minimum of 18-21 years old.
– You should be passed your intermediate study.
– Before apply for cruise ship jobs you should have at least two years of work experience.
-After job selection, you need a safety certificate(STCW), Passport, Visa ( C1D Visa or Schengen Visa) Medical.
– You need to clear your criminal background.
– And you must meet the communication fluency.

Question.2. Is Tattoo allowed in Cruise Ship?

Answer. If you have a visible tattoo then you can not apply for cruise ship jobs like Arms, Neck, etc. It Means if you are onboard with your uniform then it should not be visible. If you have a tattoo invisible then you can apply for cruise ship jobs like in your back, chest, etc.

Question. 3. How much do Cruise Ship Captains make?

Answer. The salary of a captain depends on the company to company, A big company pay good salary like NCL, RCL, MSC, etc. But an average salary pays an average salary.
An average salary of a cruise ship captain is between $ 10,000 USD to $15, 000 USD per month.

Question.4. Is Captain Kate McCue Married?

Answer. Yes, Captain Kate McCue is married and she was the first Lady Captain of any cruise ship in the world. currently, she is working with Celebrity Cruises.

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Norwegian Prima Itinerary | Ncl Prima

The Norwegian Prima coming in summer 2022 with a beautiful itinerary, The Norwegian cruise line going to launch one of the best, dynamic, modern, and biggest cruise ships. The Norwegian Prima is the 18th ship of the Norwegian Cruise Line which has a great itinerary in 2022/23.

In 2019 Norwegian cruise line launched the Norwegian Encore on 17 August 2019 which is the sister ship of Norwegian Bliss.

The Norwegian Prima:- Norwegian Prima is the 18th ship of the Norwegian Cruise Line which has the capacity of 3,215 lower beds. This is the extraordinary and brand new classic ship have in the NCL fleet.

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships in the Fleet

The total number of ships have with the Norwegian Cruise Line is 18 and they have few more upcoming ships in the future.

S.No. Ships Name Years Build
1.Norwegian Spirit1998
2.Norwegian Sky1999
3.Norwegian 2001
4.Norwegian Star2001
5.Norwegian Dawn2002
6.Norwegian Jewel2005
7.Pride of America2005
8.Norwegian Jade2006
9.Norwegian Pearl2006
10.Norwegian Gem2007
11.Norwegian Epic2010
12.Norwegian Breakaway2013
13. Norwegian Gateway2014
14.Norwegian Escape2015
15.Norwegian Joy 2017
16.Norwegian Bliss2018
17.Norwegian Encore2019
18.Norwegian Prima2022

My Personal Experience with Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise line is one of the best cruise lines have in the fleet for their guest and employee as well. I am an employee of Norwegian Cruise Line and I am service for the last five years for NCL and Believe me I feel a home away from my home.

Very good work culture, One of the best teams on board, Lovely management for all the employees and guests.

I personally highly recommend everyone to be part of Norwegian Cruise Line, as a crew or staff and guest.

cruise ship update
cruise ship standing in Greece

As a crew member of Norwegian Cruise Line:- How you can grow with the Norwegian cruise line? The growth of an NCL employee is the best in the fleet, I personally got two promotions in three contract periods. If you work harder and smarter onboard then you must get promoted because onboard management will always observe you and your performance.

One of the best things about the Norwegian cruise line is they do an evaluation of their crew member every month, by the head of the department.

So my first choice will be the Norwegian cruise line and the second will be the Carnival cruise line and then Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Norwegian Prima Itinerary

S.NoDatePortsWhy NCL?No. of Days
1.17th-Aug-2022 to 25th-Aug-22Northern Europe: Iceland & Norway to Reykjavic from Amsterdam, Netherlands-Free WIFI
-Free Open Bar
-Free Specialty Dining
-Free Excursions
-Risk-Free Cancellation
-30% OFF all Guests
8 Days Cruising
2.3rd-Sep-2022 to 13th-Sep-2022Baltic: Germany, Russia & Sweden from Amsterdam, Netherlands-Free WIFI
-Free Open Bar
-Free Specialty Dining
-Free Excursions
-Risk-Free Cancellation
-30% OFF all Guests
10 Days Cruising
3.13rd-Sep-2022 to 23th-Sep-2022Northern Europe: Oslo & Bergen to London from Copenhagen, Denmark-Free WIFI
-Free Open Bar
-Free Specialty Dining
-Free Excursions
-Risk-Free Cancellation
-30% OFF all Guests
10 Days Cruising
4.15th-October-2022 to 27th-October-2022Caribbean: Curacao, Aruba & Cozumel from New York City-Free WIFI
-Free Open Bar
-Free Specialty Dining
-Free Excursions
-Risk-Free Cancellation
-30% OFF all Guests
12 Days Cruising

How to Become a Bartender | Bartender Salary in India

Bartending is the art of making drinks either alcoholic or non-alcoholic which is everyone can not do this professional art. If anyone wants to become a bartender then he/she need to learn professional classes from an expert in bartending. So if it’s your dream to become a bartender then you must need to learn about alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks.

There are many institutes that are teaching bartending nowadays but If you want to become a bartender then only a college degree or diploma is not enough. Apart from your certificate, you must need a good working experience so that you can improve your skills and knowledge.

Bartending is one of the most demanding profiles in hospitality abroad as well as national. So if you are planing for bartending then be the focus on your work.

Different Type of Bartending Courses

  • Three-Year Degree Courses in hotel management.
  • Six Months Craftsmanship Courses in Bartending.
  • Three months certification courses in wine and spirits.
  • One month basic flair Bartending -Level-1 Courses.
  • One week Molecular mixology course.

What Qualifications does a bartender need?

Anyone who is a minimum 10th pass can do bartending courses from anywhere. But for better growth in the future, you should do bartending course after 12th or after graduation for a good and strong profile.

You can choose to bartend as a career nowadays, bartending is a good option to learn and grow in the future as well. If you want to open your own bar or restaurant in the future then you can open with these experiences.

Bartender making Drinks

A bartender can make good money every month, A bartender has an opportunity to earn good every day in bars, pubs, restaurants, and Hotels.

Bartender Salary in India

Bartender salary depends on the organization to organization, A good company will pay the good salary of a bartender. An average company will pay an average salary, So the salary of a bartender is never fixed.

If a bartender work in a foreign country then he gets an attractive salary instead of his country. So here is some example of bartender salaries:-

  • The cafe salary of a bartender is between Rs. 20,000-23,000 per month.
  • The Bar and restaurant salary of a bartender is between Rs. 30,000-35,000 per month.
  • The Hotel salary of a bartender is between Rs 28,000-32,000 per month. Here someone has a question, Why do hotels pay less salary, Because of the brand value they always pay less compare to others.
  • The cruise Ship salary of a bartender is between Rs 1,15,000 to 2,10,000 per month.

Future of a Bartender

The Bartender has a very good future around the world, A bartender can show his talent anywhere in the world like cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, cruise ships, and YouTube.

You will not believe the bartending will change your life because this is the only profession where you can show live your talent to the guest.

If you have any query about bartending then please feel free to comment me below.