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Upcoming Cruise Interview In Mumbai

Here, We have the latest update about the Upcoming Cruise Interview In Mumbai, We all are aware that the year 2020 is not good for Cruise Industry because of COVID. All the cruise services were suspended for a long time as per CDC instruction.

If you are looking for a Cruise Ship job then you may need to wait until 2021 because the Cruise line suspended sailing until April in the United State. New vacancies can not expect until Cruise Line resume sailing with 100% crew and guest.

Now CDC releases the No Sail Order from Cruise Industry with their Guidelines of service. In the beginning, CDC announced No Sail Order until further notice.

But November, 30, 2020 they release No Sail Order from Cruise Industry.

Now Cruise Lines are planning to resume on services with their new guideline as per CDC.

They have 40 page guidelines to resume on service like,

  • All the crew members and guests have to wear a mask all the time.
  • All the guests and crew will have to submit their COVID test report before put onboard from the authorized hospital.
  • Everyone needs to wash their hand and need to sanitized of fen onboard.
  • Cruise ships also increase the hand wash stations and hand sanitization station onboard.
  • Everyone needs to follow the guidelines from the cruise line, And these guidelines are mandatory for everyone.
  • There are many guidelines that you will get before getting on board. Please check on their official website.

When will Cruise Line Resume Sailing Again

Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line are canceled their United State Sailing until April 30, 2021. Carnival Legend also suspended through October 31, 2021, which was plan to sail in the European countries.

Most of the Cruise Line are expecting to resume service in March 2021 after releasing the No Sail Order by CDC.

NCL, RCL, Carnival, etc. are paused their most of ships sailing till 28, FEBRUARY, 2021.

But Still there are many cancellation specially in United State in America.

The cruise line has homeport from the USA is cancelling their sailing like If they sailing from New York City, Miami, Texas, etc.

But the good thing is most of the cruise lines are announced resuming update in May 2021 in the Caribbean, Europe, etc.

Because of that, there are many upcoming cruise interviews in Mumbai and worldwide. So If you are looking for a cruise ship job then be ready for your interview.

I believe they will start hiring new crew members by March last 2021 or April first week If they start sailing 100% ships in March first week.

Must watch this video to know more in detail

Cruise Hiring Partner In India/ Free Cruise Ship Job Agency In India

If you are looking for a cruise ship job opportunity then you must need the best cruise hiring partner in India who is loyal to their work and make sure you do not get cheated by a fake hiring agency.

If you are looking for a cruise ship job then you need to fulfill their requirements for working on a cruise ship.

They are many thing like Age limit, qualifications, Experience, Communication, Documents, etc.

Everyone looks for an easy way to clear their interview and get the dream job. And for that, you need the most and very important questions and answers for cruise ship jobs.

In the year 2021, There are tons of cruise ship jobs opportunity coming so be ready with your Cruise Ship Job Interview Questions and Answers and make easy your career opportunity.

NOTE: If you are looking for cruise ship jobs then your current profile should be working status, If you are not working anywhere then please look for a job in your place. Once you have more than two years of experience then jump for cruise jobs.

November 2020 Norwegian Escape came to India and took more than 800 crew members and run for Europe. So this is a good sign for the cruise industry after a long time. They have already announced their resuming update in January 2021.

Upcoming Cruise Interview in Goa

Most of the cruise lines are canceled sail in United State until April, 30,2021 like Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, etc. Carnival Legend suspended European Itineraries until October 2021.

So we can expect new cruise ship vacancies in mid of 2021 or the end of this year because If the Cruise line will resume sailing then they will take old crew members first.

Upcoming Cruise Interview in Delhi

In Delhi have very few agencies for cruise ship jobs like INDUS and Cruise company will not come with cruise job fair due to COVID-19.

And as per the Cruise ship update, we can expect a cruise interview in Delhi in 2022 because most of the cruise companies are canceled until April 2021. And some of the ships are canceled until October 2021.

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