Cruise Line Operations Update 2020

cruise update

Here, We have cruise line operations update 2020. Everyone is waiting for good news about resuming of cruise line. Christmas Day and New year’s Eve are arriving soon and everyone has a hope to resume on service of the cruise line. This Cruise Line Operations Update will make you happy.

Some of the Cruise lines are getting ready to resume service in December 2020 but not all the cruise lines.

Norwegian Cruise Line are using their own ships to bring the crew back to work like Norwegian Cruise Line.

Norwegian Escape is arriving in India on 21st November 2020 to get almost 800 Indian Crew members.

Before joining a cruise ship, all the crew members need to quarantine for 14 days in a hotel. During their stay, they need to do the COVID-19 test Twice.

Once, all the crew reached their assigned Ships then they will have to quarantine for 6 days again before go onboard.

Norwegian Cruise Line Suspended Sailing Through March, 2021

Due to the current global situation, Norwegian Cruise Line suspended the sailing of many NCL ships, Like Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Star, and Norwegian Spirit.

Those who already done with booking with these three cruise ships will get refunds and discount future cruise credit and a 10% off coupon will be automatically added to the guest account.

Before Norwegian Cruise Line announced their suspension through 31, December 2020 and they expect to resume service on January 1, 2021.

Most of the cruise lines are resuming next year for services like Carnival, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, etc.

At the same time, they have very health concerns for their guest and crew members for smooth operations during COVID.

Basic Guideline For Cruise Line As per CDC

All the Cruise Line need to follow these basic guidelines, If they are resuming service. And these guidelines are:-

  • Wearing a mask is very very important for both, Guests and Crew members. All the time they have to wear mask Onboard and Shoreside as well. This one is mandatory for everyone on board.
  • COVID Test, Everyone needs to do the COVID test before Embarkation, Crew Members, and Guests.
  • Social Distancing, Social distancing is also mandatory for all the guests and crew members, Onboard, Terminals, Shoreside, and private island.
  • Hand Washing guidelines are changed, They increase the number of handwashing and hand sanitizing area specially high-Traffic places.
  • They are providing a high training program for crew members about COVID protocols on board.
  • There are many cruise line operation update that will notify you when you will plan for any voyage with cruise lines.

Carnival Cruise Line Cancelled Additional Cruises

Carnival Cruise line notify about their canceled plan of 2021, They canceled all embarkation from US Port through 31, January 2021.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is giving 125% future cruise credit, Guest can use this credit until 30, April 2022.

CDC Released No Sail Order for Cruise Line, Since a long time CDC announced No Sail Order for Cruise Line but finally they release no sail order with lots of new guidelines.

CDC Update For Cruise Ship ( No More No Sail Order )

cruise ship update

Finally after a long time good news for Cruise Industry, CDC update for cruise ship. CDC lift No Sail Order from the cruise industry.

After 8 months of no sail order, CDC announced no more no sail order for a cruise ship but they came this time with lots of policies for cruise industries.

They came with 40 pages of policies which is mandatory to follow every cruise line in the United State If they are resuming their services.

Cruise Ship in Mexico

CDC said these policies need to follow by crew members as well as cruise ship passengers. They have change medical criteria, They said If someone coming on the cruise ship he/she has to come with the COVID-19 test report.

They said if crew members are coming to join the cruise ship then they have to quarantine at least 14 days and need to come with all safety certificates and COVID-19 negative reports.

The Following Important Announcement from these Cruise Company

CARNIVAL:– The Carnival cruise line made the decision to cancel their six ships that remain on schedule for December 2020 from Miami and Port Carnival.

ROYAL CARIBBEAN:- The Royal Caribbean also said the global sailings will be suspended through December 31, 2020, with some exceptions.

NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE:- The Norwegian Cruise line also made the decision to further suspension cruise voyages across the fleet through December 31, 2020.

Now the CDC lift the No Sail Order from cruise ships but most of the cruise company want to go with safety first for crew members and passengers that why they are still not resuming in the USA with their full flash.

It is good thinking from the cruise industry to cancel some ships sailing in the USA till December 31, 2020.

CDC Update for Cruise Ship

31st October 2020. The CDC announced No More No Sail order for cruise ship, They said now the cruise company can resume their service.

But they came almost 40 pages of new policies and standard which is mandatory to follow for every cruise line if they sail in United State.

Since Feb 2020, The Cruise Industry is suspended due to COVID-19, Due to this the cruise industry is gone with big losses of their revenue, assets, values, etc.

Cruise Ship Update for Passengers

All the cruise company apologize and said all impacted guests and travel advisors will be notified via email. The cruise company will update guests about deployment and scheduling plans for our fleet and homeports.

Cruise Ship Update for Crew Members

For Crew members they have change many things like they have updated their medical policies to join cruise ship.

They need to carry their COVID-19 negative test report and when they will come to join cruise ship, they will have to Quarantine in hotels.

If you are a crew member then you can check out the Pros and Cons of working on a cruise ship.

Earn up to $1000 by Doing Side Work on Cruise Ships

Do you know, If you are a crew member and want to earn some extra money on Cruise ships then what else you can do apart from your job? If you have any idea about how you can earn extra money on board then its good. If you do not know how to can make up to $1000 dollar by doing side work on cruise ships then no need to worry today I will let you know that how you can earn up to $1000 by doing side work on cruise ships.

Earn up to $1000 by Doing Side Work on Cruise Ships

Onboard there are many ways to make extra money to work for 1 to 2 hours daily and make very nice money but today I will let you know four best ways to earn up to $1000 by doing side work on Cruise Ships.

Four Best Way to Make Extra Money Onboard

Here you will see four best ways to make extra money on board by doing 1 to 2 hours work daily. From all this extra money you can do lots of things like you can pay internet expenses, Bar expenses, monthly amenities, shopping and many more. Here you have two best ways to make up to $1000 dollar by doing 1-hour extra work onboard.

1. Extra Talent ( Entertainment, Art, Musician, Magician, etc.)

If you are a crew members then you have an opportunity to earn extra money by doing some activity onboard. If you have any talent to engage the guest or entertain the guest then you can get money to do this.

Most of the company will offer Crew Entertainment Program onboard, In this program crew members will have to entertain the guest doing, Singing, Dancing, Showing Magic, etc.

If you are able to do this apart from your regular job than company will ask to entertain the guest and they will pay some money to you. Most of the company pay $20-$30 per performance, it’s depend on company to company.

2. Pamphlet Distribution

Pamphlet distribution is also a good idea to earn extra money on board, If you are crew members and you don’t know how you can earn extra money by doing pamphlet distribution then I will let you know all this.

Most of the brand like a Swiss watch, Armani, Invicta, diamond, etc. want to do marketing for their brand nearby port. So the sponsored company contact ship admin to distribute their pamphlet to the guest while the guest move for shore on port.

To do this the sponsored company pays a good amount to the ships admin, and you will get paid by ship admin if you do a pamphlet distribution.

What you need to do for earn extra money by doing this. You will have to contact ship admin and need to ask about pamphlet distribution. If they will allow then you will have to collect the pamphlet from admin office and need to distribute to the guest when the ship will dock on port. When guest go out side of the ship at the same point you need to distribute it to the guest.

To work hours twice a day you can earn good money, the company can pay between $50-$100 for every distribution.

3. Earn Money to do Laundry

Yes friends if you are working on cruise ships and your salary is not much then you can earn extra money by doing laundry for those crew who do not want to do their laundry.

Most of the crew members/ staff have a good salary and they do not want to do laundry after working 10 hours a day.

So in this case you can approach 10-20 people to do their laundry and you can charge them $50-$100 per month each or more it depends on you.

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4. Earn Extra Money on board by doing Hair Cut

On board more then 1000 crew members work or more and they all need hair cut every month, so my idea is you can earn a good amount of money by doing hair cut only.

All the crew members who are onboard need their hair cut every month and they do not have enough time to go out side of the ship to do just hair cut. so if you know how to cut the hair and you have equipment then why not.

You can earn more then $1000 by Doing Side Work on Cruise Ships, See if you do hair cut every day 2 to 3 people and you charge $10-$20 per personal then you can make easily $40-$60 daily. and if you earn minimum $40 daily then you can make $1200 very easily.