Airborne recruiting pvt Ltd, there is lots of cruise vacancies comming in march 2020 for luxury cruise line…final selection will held in march 2020. If anyone have cruise ship experience current/ relevant or five star hotel experience from anywhere in India or foreign can apply for there jobs.

Cruise ship Experience preferred :

Hotel Administrator

Bar waitress

Wine Stewardess

Crew Purser

2nd Purser admin

Hotel Storekeeper

Head Waiter

Stage Manager

Broadcast Manager

Assistant Provision Master/Bottlekeeper

Executive Chef

Head Baker

Executive Pastry Chef

Chef De Cuisine

Head Cleaner

These all vacancies are only for those who have previous experience of cruise ship if any one don’t have previous ship experience of upper vacancies wait for right time then apply.

Entertainment Experience Required

Sound Technician

Light Technician

Video Technician

Five Star Hotel Experience Required:

Hotel Utility

Crewmess Attendant

Cafe Attendant

Resort Deck Attendant





Assistant Laundry Master

Laundry Staff

Sous Chef hot galley

Chef ed Parties hot galley and pastry

Assistant Cook hot Galley, Bakery and Butchery

Kitchen Steward

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Please mention your position which you apply for and also mention Viking Cruise Line

Note: Airborne recruiting pvt Ltd is a free recruitment agency’s please be aware of scam.


This dangerous virus is spreading like anything in the world, people are very scared either they are traveling to china,japan, and any cruise line, most of the cruise line(Norwegian cruise line, royal Caribbean cruise line, princess cruise line, Carnival cruise line, Disney cruise line etc.) are not taking on board anymore Chinese guest and Japanese guest on board due to corona virus.

All the cruise company are very very strict with their policies like if they find any one is suffering from cold, cough and fever they do isolate them then and there, they testing all the crew for corona virus everyday if anyone found positive, they took them out of cruise and admit them in hospital at nearest port. The cruise company are doing same thing for guest also, its very hard for everyone to face this kind of situation, people are coming to do cruising and want to enjoy as much as they can but they found there this kind of situation, its little uncomfortable for guest as well as crew on board.

Around 200 Indian crew are stuck at Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, In this ship more the 60 people are found positive of corona-virus including guest and crew, two Indian crew are found positive and 5 Philippine are found positive, all the and crew are isolate there, the ship is not moving anywhere just because of virus. The Indian crew are requesting to Mr. Prime Minister of India to bring them back to India through social media, these Indian crew are very very scared just because of this dangerous virus, they are saying we are still very well mentally and physically but if we will stay longer here its might be effect us.

Why positive cases are increasing everyday here; See cruise ships are moving city and people are getting everything in one place either it is a food, beverage, amenities or any thing which is need to survive a people so if some one eat in a plate and if he or she is effected by corona-virus and this plate is gonna reuse for others here is a 100% chance to transfer this virus to others this is why its increasing everyday.

A Indian crew who is stuck at Diamond Princess his name is Binay kumar sarkar is try to be happy and keep happy of all his indian friends to sang a song of Arijit Singh in his video which is posted by him on facebook ”chal ghar chale mere humdum” . He is working since long time on cruise line but he is more worry about his friends whos is shooting his video and saying that my friend came on board first time and he is facing this kind of situation, he said in video that we do not know what happen to us either we will a live or die no body know this this but we are trying to be happy.