Job Opportunities for Hotel Management Students

opportunities for hotel management

There are many job opportunities for hotel management students in India and out of India for example:-

The best career prospect in hotel management is you will be a part of a very luxurious and glamorous industry.

  • Hotels and Restaurants,(Taj, Oberoi, Bukhara, etc.)
  • Quick Service Restaurant( Mc Donald, Dominos, KFC, etc.)
  • Cruise Ship Jobs ( Carnival, NCL, RCCL, etc.)
  • Hospitals ( MAX, Fortis, etc.)
  • Railways ( MTS )
  • Bars and Clubs ( Playboy, Club 360, etc. )
  • IBM, Delloite ( Facility Manager)
  • Multiplex,
  • Aviation,
  • Sales and Marketing.

Anyone from a hotel management( Degree/Diploma) background can join all above mention opportunities.

If you are just completed your HM then you must join a 5-star hotel to start your career.

A good start to your career will teach you lots of good things about the hospitality industry and will take you to the next level of industry.

Career Options In Hotel Management

It’s a really great career options you have after doing HM Like you can become:-

  • General manager after a good experience in the Industry.
  • Master chef or Executive Chef Everyone has a dream to be a chef after hotel management.
  • Food & Beverage Director, Food & Beverage Manager, Restaurant Manager, etc.
  • Front Office Manager.
  • Housekeeping Executive, etc.

If you work very delicately for a long time in the hospitality industry then you will reach these top positions of the company.

All the above-mentioned positions are top-level positions in the department and their salary are also very attractive.

Salary After Hotel Management

Salary after hotel management is a big concern for everyone as a HM students. Truth about salary after hotel management is really very shocking.

If you are just a fresher then you will not get much salary from the industries, Your starting salary will be around Rs.10,000-Rs.14,000 per month.

Most of the time your salary varies from company to company, At beginning of your career do not attract more money.

I will suggest you choose a good property to start your career which help you to find good career opportunities after some experience.

Hotel management salary in India is very very low compare to other country and workload is very high compare to other industries.

If you are working as a hotelier then you have no social life, no personal life.

Internship for Hotel Management Students

The most important for all HM students is their internship which helps them to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Everyone needs to do an internship during HM from good 5-star hotels where students can learn practical knowledge.

They need to do internships in all core departments of the hotels like the front office, Kitchen, food and beverage service, Housekeeping, etc.

This Internship period will be six months for everyone and It also helps to get jobs after finishing a hotel management degree.

Now you must have some questions like What questions will be asked to a hotel interview for internship joining?

The best idea to clear your internship interview is your communication should be good and your basics must be strong.

They will put up most of the question from your basics and be confident while interview.

Government Jobs for Hotel Management Graduates
  1. MTS profile in Indian Railways

If you are a graduate of HM and you are looking for government jobs then you have very few options like Railways and Government IHM.

In Indian Railways, they release the vacancies for hotel management graduates as an MTS profile. You can check it out on the Indian Railways official website.

If you join as an MTS in Indian railways then your starting salary will be around Rs.18,000-Rs.22,000 per month.

If you have at least one year of experience from a five-star property then you can apply for an MTS profile.

2. Government IHM as a faculty members

If you are looking for government jobs after HM then you have a second option to join as a faculty member in government IHM.

You can apply for a faculty member If you have at least 5 years of Industrial experience from a five-star hotels.

If you will be selected then you will work on a contractual basis with faculty. And your performance will help you to get promoted as permanent faculty.

Note:- If you are looking for government job opportunities then these two option is the best option you have.

Airport Jobs for Hotel Management Students

After completing HM you can also choose your career in Aviation. There are multiple options for HM graduate students.

If you are an HM graduate and looking for a good career in Aviation or an airport then you can join as a ground staff crew member.

And the second option is you can also join as an air hostess but make sure your personality should be up to mark as per their demand.

Your communication is a major advantage for an aviation job. If your communication is really very strong then you deserve an aviation job.

After some experience in hospitality, you can move to Cruise ship Jobs where you will get paid more than any other industry.

But for Cruise ship jobs you need to fulfill the basic requirement for Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Jobs for Freshers-Ship Jobs for Freshers

cruise jobs

Cruise Jobs for Freshers is a great opportunity to work onboard and earn a decent amount of money. But wait and read this article before apply for a cruise ship job as a fresher, This will change your life and It will help you to find a good choice of cruise jobs.

How a cruise ship job changes my life is really incredible, I would like to share a brief about my self like how I got cruise ship jobs and I make more than $30,000 USD in just a 26-month job on a cruise ship.

I got a chance to work on a cruise ship (Norwegian Cruise Line)as a restaurant steward and my salary was $901 USD per month.

It was my basic salary but after tips, promotion charges, gratuity, etc. I used to get paid more than $1000 dollar per month.

After the first contract, I got promoted as an assistant waiter, and my salary increase $1260 USD(basic) but I used to get paid plus $1500 USD.

Next contract I got promoted to a specialty restaurant and my salary was the same as an assistant waiter but we used to make good cash tips.

Working on a cruise ship is everything free like food, accommodation, etc. So I used to save my all money. If you want to know more about me in detail then please click here.

Choice of Cruise Line Jobs for Freshers

If you are really very passionate to work on a cruise ship then you need to start your career from a scratch-level job on a cruise ship. And these jobs profiles have very hard work Like Galley Utility, Hotel Utility, Bar Utility, Restaurant Steward or buffet Steward, etc.

If you want to join cruise jobs as a fresher then you need to do short term internship through hiring agencies. And they will teach you all the SOP and policies about cruise ship jobs then you can apply.

To get cruise jobs for freshers is very tough because no one is hiring as a fresher for cruise ship jobs. Only internship is the way you can get cruise jobs as a freshers.

Basic criteria to work on a cruise ship is must required If you are looking forward to work on a cruise ship.

Top 4 Cruise Ship Jobs for Freshers

  1. Galley Utility
  2. Hotel Utility
  3. Bar Utility
  4. Restaurant Steward/Buffet Steward.

1. Galley Utility

  • Galley Utility Job is an entry-level job on Cruise Ship.
  • The main duties and responsibilities of the galley utility are cleaning of galley department, washing the utensils, crockery, cutlery, etc.
  • He is also responsible for cleaning the pot wash area, and all the areas related to the kitchen department.
  • Galley utility is also responsible for pickup the stores.
  • He is also responsible for collecting all the garbage from all floors and drop it at a designated place.
  • Galley utility Salary in Cruise ship depends upon company to company, An average salary is around $400USD to $800 USD per month.
  • The basic requirement for a cruise ship job as a fresher is a secondary school pass and good communication.
  • The working contract period will be 8 to 9 months for every contract.
  • No weekly off for any of the crew members on board, In case of any medical issue, You will defiantly get off.
  • You can apply for galley utility jobs for freshers.
2. Hotel Utility
  • A hotel utility job is a scratch level job in the housekeeping department on a cruise ship.
  • The core duties and responsibilities of the hotel utility are cleaning the public area as well as the guest area.
  • The hotel utility is also responsible for changing the garbage of all toilets from the public area and guest area.
  • The salary of a hotel utility is also dependent upon company to company, An approx salary of hotel utility is $400USD to $800USD per month.
  • The basic requirement of working on a cruise ship as a hotel utility is a secondary school pass.
  • Good communication is mandatory to get a job on a cruise ship.
  • The contract of a hotel utility will be 8 to 9 months.
  • There are no weekly off for hotel utility onboard. In case of emergency or any medical problems, you will get off as per the doctor’s recommendation.
  • You Can also apply for hotel utility cruise ship jobs for freshers.
3. Bar Utility
  • Bar Utility job profile is a base-level job in the bar department on a cruise ship.
  • The main duties and responsibilities of a bar utility are to pick-up the store, drop the garbage at a designated place from all the floors.
  • Maintain the bar and bar area all the times including the bar store.
  • The salary of a bar utility is around $400-$800 USD depends upon company to company.
  • The basic requirement to join as a bar utility is just 12th passed and your communication should be good.
  • The contract period of a bar utility will be 8-9 months.
  • The working hours will be 10-12 hours every day.
4. Buffet Steward/Restaurant Steward
  • Buffet Steward is an entry-level position in a restaurant department.
  • A buffet steward will work in only buffet restaurant, crew mess, staff mess, etc.
  • Buffet Steward’s main duties and responsibilities are refilling the buffet, cleaning the tables, taking care of the buffet, etc.
  • On the night shift, the buffet steward is responsible for deep cleaning of the restaurant.
  • The salary of a restaurant steward or buffet steward is $600-$900 USD depend upon company to company.
  • The basic requirement of working as a buffet steward is a degree or diploma in hotel management or at least more than one year of experience.

If you are looking for the best cruise ship jobs agency near you then you must visit here, All these agencies are free recruitment agency.

Before apply for cruise ship jobs you must read the Pros and Cons of working on a cruise ship.

You can also read some most important cruise ship jobs Interview questions and answers.

Duties And Responsibilities of a Waiter

  • Duties and Responsibilities of a good waiter are to provide excellent service to the guests.
  • A good waiter ensures the satisfaction of the customers.
  • The main responsibilities of a waiter are taking the order of food and drink to the guests and serve.
  • The duties and responsibilities of a food server is the same as a waiter duties and responsibilities.
  • Most of the restaurant waiter is whole in charge of outlet like table set up, order taking, table cleaning, cash handling, checks closing, etc.
  • A waiter is also responsible for prompt service to the customers.
  • A waiter should always check the satisfaction level of the guest during having meals or while drinking their beverage.
  • If you are a good waitresses or waiter then you should always familiarise yourself with the guest as soon as possible for a good relationship.
  • Smart waiters or waitresses always do upselling of food and drinks to recommend the best selling items from the menu.


  • A waiter is a server who is working in a restaurant, hotel, Cruise, cafĂ©, lounge, bar, private function to serve the food and beverage to the customers on the table as requested.
  • A Waiter is a server who present the brand name of the company in front of a lovely guest.

Type of Waiter

There are different type of waiter and they have different duties and responsibilities

  • Head Waiter:- Headwaiter is a senior waiter, And a waiter need to follow the instruction of the head waiter.
  • Waiter:- A waiter is a junior of headwaiter in the outlet and a waiter has the main responsibility of guest handling. A waiter is a senior to assistant waiter.
  • Assistant Waiter:- Assistant waiter is a junior waiter who mostly works with the waiter to assist the waiter during guest handling.
  • Bar Waiter:- A bar waiter is responsible to work in a bar department and serve the drinks.

Responsibility of Waiter

If you are a waiter or waitresses then you must know responsibility :-

  • Greet the guest with a pleasant smile.
  • Escort the guest to the table, While escorting make a conversation with guests so they get entertain.
  • Assist them in sitting on a chair, start with kids, senior citizens, Lady, and gentlemen.
  • Present the food and beverage menu and explain the “drink of the day” or “special food of the day”.
  • Give a few minutes to choose the dishes or drinks from the menu.
  • Before taking orders brief them about allergies if they are into anything.
  • After taking the order repeat the order to the guest to avoid miss communication of orders.
  • If your table is set then serve the drink before foodservice and give accompaniment as per meal timing if any.
  • Now coordinate with your assistant waiter to food pickup from the galley and serve food on the table.
  • Always double-check with guests after food service like “dear anything else shall I get for you on the table”.
  • Once they have done their meal then you must clear the table and make it very neat and clean.
  • Ask for tea/coffee at last to close the table.
  • At last, you present the check and collect the bill payment.
  • While leaving the guest from your station you must greet the guest again ” Thank you sir/mam for dining with us” have a lovely day.
  • A waiter or waitresses have different names like food server, hotel waiter, restaurant server, etc.

Qualities of a Good Waiter or Waitresses

  • A good waiter should be a very pleasant personality.
  • A good waiter/waitress should have a good knowledge about food and beverage.
  • The waiter should always on punctual and loyal with his work.
  • A waiter should be an honest person.
  • Always need to inspect all the food and drinks order before serving on the table.
  • Attentiveness is one of the most important qualities of a waiter.
  • A waiter is a brand ambassador of a restaurant or face of the outlet so his appearance should be neat and clean at all the time.

Salary of a waiter in India

If we compare the salary of a waiter in India from another country like the UAE, USA, Canada, etc. then it’s very very cheap.

After passing the diploma or degree in Hotel management they expect a good salary to start a career but the truth is something different.

Dreaming is a good sign to grown in your career but always dream with open eyes so please research properly before doing hotel management.

A fresher waiter gets paid only Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12,000 per month only which is very low and never expect anyone.

So, Salary of a waiter in India is only Rs. 8000 to Rs. 12,000 per month.

You will be shocked to know about the salary of a waiter on a Cruise Ship, You must know the difference in salary.

Before you apply for cruise ship jobs you must read the Pros and Cons of working on a cruise ship which help to decide your career on cruise.

Helpful article for cruise ship jobs:- Cruise ship jobs Interview questions and answers