CDC Update For Cruise Ship ( No More No Sail Order )

cruise ship update

Finally after a long time good news for Cruise Industry, CDC update for cruise ship. CDC lift No Sail Order from the cruise industry.

After 8 months of no sail order, CDC announced no more no sail order for a cruise ship but they came this time with lots of policies for cruise industries.

They came with 40 pages of policies which is mandatory to follow every cruise line in the United State If they are resuming their services.

Cruise Ship in Mexico

CDC said these policies need to follow by crew members as well as cruise ship passengers. They have change medical criteria, They said If someone coming on the cruise ship he/she has to come with the COVID-19 test report.

They said if crew members are coming to join the cruise ship then they have to quarantine at least 14 days and need to come with all safety certificates and COVID-19 negative reports.

The Following Important Announcement from these Cruise Company

CARNIVAL:– The Carnival cruise line made the decision to cancel their six ships that remain on schedule for December 2020 from Miami and Port Carnival.

ROYAL CARIBBEAN:- The Royal Caribbean also said the global sailings will be suspended through December 31, 2020, with some exceptions.

NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE:- The Norwegian Cruise line also made the decision to further suspension cruise voyages across the fleet through December 31, 2020.

Now the CDC lift the No Sail Order from cruise ships but most of the cruise company want to go with safety first for crew members and passengers that why they are still not resuming in the USA with their full flash.

It is good thinking from the cruise industry to cancel some ships sailing in the USA till December 31, 2020.

CDC Update for Cruise Ship

31st October 2020. The CDC announced No More No Sail order for cruise ship, They said now the cruise company can resume their service.

But they came almost 40 pages of new policies and standard which is mandatory to follow for every cruise line if they sail in United State.

Since Feb 2020, The Cruise Industry is suspended due to COVID-19, Due to this the cruise industry is gone with big losses of their revenue, assets, values, etc.

Cruise Ship Update for Passengers

All the cruise company apologize and said all impacted guests and travel advisors will be notified via email. The cruise company will update guests about deployment and scheduling plans for our fleet and homeports.

Cruise Ship Update for Crew Members

For Crew members they have change many things like they have updated their medical policies to join cruise ship.

They need to carry their COVID-19 negative test report and when they will come to join cruise ship, they will have to Quarantine in hotels.

If you are a crew member then you can check out the Pros and Cons of working on a cruise ship.

Pros and Cons of Working on a Cruise Ship

cruise ship

There are many pros and cons of working on a cruise ship, before joining a cruise ship we should aware of these pros and cons. These pros and cons of working on a cruise ship are most important for crew members because this is the home away from home for crew members.

We all are staying on board for four to eight-month then we get a vacation of six weeks to 12 weeks for each contract. Crew members spend more time onboard that’s why they supposed to be aware of the pros and cons of working on a cruise ship.

The disadvantage of Working on a Cruise Ship/ Cons of Working on a Cruise Ship

Here we have many drawbacks of working on a cruise ship which followed by the management, We have many pros and cons of working on a cruise ship.

If you know the drawbacks of working on a cruise ship then you can take the essential precaution before something happened wrong.

Here are some drawbacks of working on a cruise ship:

1. No Fresh Air Onboard

If you are working on a cruise ship or any kind of ship then you will not get fresh air at all the time because the whole ship is fully air-conditioned.

We all know, if we are working on land anywhere in the world then we will get fresh air all the time but here onboard it is impossible.

Yes we can get fresh air if we are on the port then we need to move out of the ship or we can go on the roof for fresh air otherwise we can not get.

2. Hair Fall Can be a reason,Working on Ship

Yes, You are right if you are working onboard then you may suffer from hair fall due to no fresh air onboard, Versatile climate, Seawater, only hot water in the cabin, etc.

Whenever I am on board, I always suffer from these issues, especially hot water and cold water issues.

Most of the time I got only hot water in the cabin which is not good to take shower, If you take shower with hot water only then you will suffer from hair fall.

3. Skin Problem can be a Reason of Working on Ship

See, We all know there are many problems on board like no fresh air, Seawater to take shower, Need 24 hrs Air condition to breathe, etc. And these reasons are enough to suffer from skin problems. Skin problems can be different types like Itching after a shower, Become dry your skin, etc.

4. No Privacy on Ship

Onboard you will never get privacy like land or another working place, Here you will have to share your cabin with co-workers.

Especially when you will join ship jobs, you will have to start from a scratch level, and that position you will never get a single room onboard.

You can get a single room on board if you are working as a supervisor level then you have a chance to get a personal room onboard otherwise there is no privacy.

5. Is it Common to Get Seasick on a Cruise?

It is really very common to get seasickness on a cruise ship. It Is also depends on the weather where your cruise is sailing.

Due to bad weather the Sea gonna very rough which is not good for ships, If Sea is rough then the ship will start shaking and then you will feel seasickness.

Best Sea Sickness Tablets

I know many people sick by seasickness onboard but everyone can not get medicine because of the excitement of their vacation.

No need to carry any medicine for seasickness while your vacation, If you feel seasickness then what you need to do is just take a green apple from the restaurant department or Housekeeping, Make a slice and eat the whole apple and wait for half an hours.

Do not eat any thing during half an hour, after that you will feel normal everything.

In case you do not find green apple then what you need to do is just take a few crackers and eat slowly. It also works the same as an apple.

I personally feel these two ideas always work for everyone, so just in case you need to know for your healthy vacation.

How to know If you will get seasick on a cruise?

It is very easy to find you are suffering from seasickness, Like when you feel that ship/cruise is shaking or moving at the same point you have seasick.

Some of you will feel vomiting, headache, etc.

6. Reality of Working on a Cruise ship/ No off on cruise ship

The reality of working on a cruise ship is you will have to work 7 days a week until you finished your contract period.

It means you will never get day off on your contract period.

Now you must have a question that is what If I get sick on board?

In this case, you will get off as per onboard doctor prescription. If you are really sick then the doctor will check your health fitness and then they will suggest you what need to do, Rest or work.

I personally feel this is a big drawback of working on a cruise ship, If a crew get at least a day off in a week then they will be happier.

7. Strict Policy on board for Crew Member

Onboard you will find many policies as per company norms and you will have to follow these policies anyhow.

If anyone will not follow the company policy then they have to fly for home at the next port of that cruising.

And these strict policies are, Alcohol, Racism, and fight. If anyone coughs to go against these policies then the company will never give second chance. They will send home at the next port.

I have seen many crew members leaving their job because of these silly mistakes, So I will suggest following these policies If you really want a long life as a crew member.

8. Too Much Training on board

In my view, Too Much training is also one of the major drawbacks of cruise ships. I personally believe this is very irritating for may crew members.

Especially in the first two months, you will have to give lots of training, then you will have work as per duty timing and then you can sleep.

9. No Vacation Money

I think this is also one of the major drawbacks of working on a cruise ship, If You are working as a crew member of any cruise company then you should get vacation money.

Most of you are working 6-8 month on board and 2 -3 month vacation. While working on board you are getting you salary but when you are at home on vacation then you are getting nothing.

Pros of Working on a Cruise Ship/ Advantage of working on a cruise ship

The advantage of working on a Cruise ship is totally different from a land-based job. These perks are really the most unforgettable.

Working on a cruise ship is not really easy but If you have a chance to work on a cruise ship then you must join this opportunity.

If you are working on a cruise ship, It means you are special for your life. Here you will find some Pros of working on a cruise ship.

If you have no idea about what kind of question they ask in cruise ship job than here you have Cruise job Interview Questions and Answer

Here you have best Pros of working on a cruise ship:

1. You Can Travel the World for Free

This is the only opportunity you have to travel the world for free at the same time you will earn a good money.

I have personally visited many places around the world like: Mexico City, Italy, Venice, Santorini Greece, Colombia, Canada, United State, etc.

This is what I earn in my life, If I work any where around the world, I believe it is impossible for me to roam around the world.

2. Opportunity to earn a good amount of money

Working on a cruise ship is an opportunity to earn a good amount of money rather than another job. Here you have a chance to earn good money and save more money for the future.

Here, you can save your full salary of what you are earning onboard because the company will provide you everything like a meal, room, etc.

3.Cruise Ship Make you Stronger

I am dam sure that Cruise ship will make you stronger then now, They will teach you personal survival Technic, and many more tricks and training.

You will have to do everything to you only like maintaining your room neat and clean all the time, You will have to attend all the training.

4. Opportunity to learn global culture

The cruise ship will give you an opportunity to learn the global culture because here you will work with international crew members, you will go around the world, you will have fun with these global crew members, etc.

This is the reason you can learn the global culture, Here you will see to celebrate their festival onboard the same as us.

5. International environment on cruise ship

Onboard you have a chance to learn an international language for free because of international crew members. I have been work with Spanish, Mexican, Chile, Indonesian, Philippines, Chinese, etc. This is one of the best Cons of working on a cruise ship.

If you are interested to learn a different language then it’s very easy for you to learn an international language for free.

I hope this article will help you out about pros and cons of working on a cruise ship, Apart from this If you have any queries about cruise ship job than feel free to comment me below.


Cruise ship update news

cruise ship update

Good news, good news, cruise ship update news is here. finally cruise line is back for service or resume for service. We all know that the Cruise industry is suspended from a long time because of the global pandemic. This is the latest cruise ship update news about resuming back for service.

It was pause their service. If you do not know why and when it was paused then no need to worry. I will let you know all the update about cruise industry.

When and Why Cruise Industry Paused Their Service?

February,2020 Diamond Princess Cruise found many passengers and crew were COVID-19 positive and Source says that may be this ship could be the reason to spread the COVID-19 around the world.

After this latest news, all the cruise industry pause their service in the month of March, 2020. At the beginning cruise industry was suspended their service for a month only.

April,9, 2020, CDC announced no sail order for all the cruise ships till further notice because of the health and safety precaution for Americans.

See, We all know about coronavirus and how fast it’s spreading around the world and this cruise industry have volume of people at a time and this could be a way of spreading this virus this is the reason CDC announced no sail order till further notice.

When will cruises resume 2020

It’s a great update from majority of cruise industry about their resuming for service. Most of the cruise line are promising to resume on service in 1st and 2nd November, 2020.

All the big cruise line can resume for service in 1st or 2nd week on November, 2020. And these cruise line are Carnival Cruise line, Royal Caribbean Cruise line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruise Line, etc.

I also believe some of the ships can resume for service in particular places but If you thinking all the cruise company will resume for service with their all ships then you are wrong.

They must check the situation of virus around the world and then they will come slowly-slowly in the service.

All the Cruises are suspended until October, 31, 2020, and they expecting to resume on service in November 1st week.

So be ready for unlimited fun onboard after six month, We all are very exited to have fun like no tomorrow.

Caution of Resuming on Service without covid vaccine

You know better then me what happening next to you, Cruise industry is all about onboard service in sea, It’s not land base service. So my concern is If one of the guest get positive on board then there is a 100% chance to spread this virus in everyone very quickly.

So If you are planning to do cruising in coming day then be very very careful with your health and safety on board, I mean to say your safety in your hand.

For more details you can visit to their official website to know more about Discount and offers for cruising with them.

They must have lots of discount and offers for cruising after this pandemic.

If you are a crew or looking for jobs in cruise line then below link will help you…

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