Can You Smoke On a Cruise Ship?

Can You Smoke Ona Cruise Ship? If you are planning to do cruising than you must have a question about smoking on cruise ship, Do they allow smoking or they don’t allow smoking on cruise ship. On cruise ship the management first preference is safety, Safety of guests, safety of crew, and then anything else. Most of the Cruise company allowed smoking but only on designated area. This designated area may be anywhere on board.

Where You Can Smoke on Cruise Ship?

On Cruise Ship you can smoke only on designated area and these designated area will anywhere onboard like indoor or outdoor.

Smoking indoor on cruise ship may be by Casino or some other places, If you are not sure then you can call Guest Service to confirm smoking area on cruise ship.

Smoking Outdoor on cruise ship may be on deck 7 or Deck 8, it’s depends on ship size, So if you did not find the smoking area on cruise ship in outdoor then contact guest service to know where you can smoke.

Is Smoking Allowed Anywhere on a Cruise Ship?

Smoking anywhere on a cruise ship is very dangerous for everyone onboard, It may cause of fire onboard that’s why you are not allowed to smoke anywhere on cruise ship. You can smoke only on designated area on cruise ship.

Can You Smoke on Casino on Cruise Ship?

Casino is a major revenue sources of cruise ship and all the cruise company want that’s their guest stay longer in casino and play games that’s why they keep some smoking area by Casino too but not anywhere in Casino. So yes if you want to smoke in casino then you can check with your casino dealer.

Can You Smoke in Cabin on Cruise Ship?

Smoking is not allowed to your stateroom because of safety purpose, If you smoke in your cabin then smoke detectors will activate and bridge will get to know that you are smoking in your cabin. If your room smoke detectors will activate than security will come to your stateroom and they will take strict action against you.

But secret place to smoke in your room is your bathroom, smoking in bathroom is also not allowed due to safety reasons but most of them time people get caught smoking in bathroom.

The secret of the cruise ship you can smoke in your cabin but make sure the smoke is not too much. But this is also not allowed, So I will suggest you to don’t do anything like that.

Some Secret Facts about Cruise Ship

Q. Can You Bring Your Own Cigarette on Cruise Ship?
Ans- Yes you are allowed to bring your own choice of cigarettes on cruise ship for your vacation.

Q. Do Cruise Ship have Smoke Detectors?
Ans- Yes, Cruise Ship have a very high quality of smoke detectors which is placed all around the ship, like stateroom, galley, Gangways, Dinning, etc.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Check for Vapes?
Ans- Most of the Cruise Ship don’t check for Vapes while onboarding. People can bring their own Vapes on cruise ship and enjoy. If you are using Vapes on Cruise Ship than I Will suggest you to use it on designated area only.

How do You Pay for Things on a Cruise Ship?

Most of the cruise ship doesn’t accept cash for things on a cruise ship, So how do you pay for things on a Cruise Ship? If you are a guest then you will get a room key on embarkation day and that key has all the access onboard of your whole cruising.

If you will buy anything onboard then you just need to give your key to charge. You can buy anything onboard like drinks, gifts, watches, clothes, dining, etc.

Once your credit limit is finished then you can pay to recharge again your card by guest service. You can pay cash only to the guest service to credit your card for onboarding purchase.

If you want to use the same card to casino then you can use it, You don’t need to pay or take extra card. Some of the casino accept cash but not all the company.

How do You Pay for Food and Drinks on Cruise Ship?

For food and drinks on cruise ship you just need to give you room key to your server and server gonna charge to your card and they will present cheques to you to confirm the items and amount and sign a copy of cheque.

For drinks you can use your card on all the bars onboard but for food you need your card in speciality dining. If you are going to dine in main dining then you don’t need card because main dining is free to dine.

Can I Pay Cash for My Food and Drinks on a Cruise Ship?

No, Onboard you can’t pay cash for your food and drinks on a cruise ship, Cash money you can only tip to your server on cruise ship.

You need to pay by room card for your food and drinks on a cruise ship. Your card has credit amount which you will use whole around the ship to buy anything.

Do Cruise Ship Casino Take Cash?

Some of the cruise ship casino accept cash but most of the cruise ship casino don’t take cash. If you want to play casino they they will swip your card and give you chips to play casino game.

Cruise Ship in Nassau Port

Every Casino has Cash counter, If they accept cash then you can buy chips against cash and enjoy your casino time.

Do I Need to Take Cash on Cruise Ship?

Yes, If you want to take cash on a cruise ship then you can take but you can use to recharge your card onboard and to tipping to your food and drinks server. You can’t use cash all around the ship for everything.

So you can take cash for all these things. If your casino allowed to use cash then you can use cash there too.

Do Cruise Ship Employees Get Free Food onboard?

If you want to work on cruise ship then you must aware about your benifits on board provided by the cruise company to you. Do cruise ship employees get free food onboard? If yes then how many meals you will get per day and what else you get to eat. Do they provide your country food or not? What about tea, coffee, juices, water,etc. Do cruise ship employees get free food onboard at any designated area or anywhere can eat?

Do Cruise Ship Employees Get Free Food Onboard?

All the cruise ship employees get free food onboard either he/she a crew members or staff members onboard. Everyone will get free food in crew mess.

In crew mess you can have breakfast,Lunch, dinner, mid night meal, and tea, coffee and juices whole days.

Crew can see every day menu by crew mess entrance and they can choose their choice of food.

By the entrance of crew mess you can also find the opening and closing time of team dining in crew mess.

Very important, always was your hand before start your mean and hand washing area is always on entrance of crew dining area.

Cruise Ship

Can You Find Your Country Food in Crew mess?

Crew mess meal design by head chef on cruise ship and he/she plan crew mess menu as per onboard crew member nationality. Most of the crew members are all around the world like Philippines, Indonesia, India, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Croatia, USA, etc. So they plan crew mess menu for every country. They add some items from each country in lunch and dinner but breakfast is mostly same for everyone onboard.

Most of the time you will find some live counter in crew mess like live pizza counter, live noodle, etc.

I beleive, If you are a crew members and working on cruise ship then you must get a very healthy food in crew mess at all the time.

Definately you will find your choice of food, they always placed a soup, choice of salad, pizza, pasta, main dishes, dessert, 2-3 types of juices, tea and coffee.

What You Can Get in Breakfast Menu?

Breakfast is the your first meal of the day and it’s must be healthy and fresh. So here in the Breakfast you can find choice of fruits like, melons, Orange, Banana, Apple,etc.

Here you can also get choice of cheese, cold cuts, lettuce and Tomato.

In bakery counter you will find spread of morning bakery like Danish, Muffins, Croissant, choice of sliced bread, Butter, Cream Cheese, etc.

In hot area you can find Out meal porridge, choice of Omelet, Saute vegetables, fried rice, port sausage, ham, etc.

And very important to know for everyone that if there is any special day it mean special dinner or lunch provided to the crew members.

FAQ- You must know these facts before join cruise ships

Q. Do Cruise Ship Employees Get Off Onboard?
Ans- Cruise ship employees get vacation for two to three months once he/she finished their contact but onboard there is no day off for any cruise ship employees. In case of medical issues you can get few hours off after doctor advised.

Q.Do Cruise Ship Employees Get Free WiFi onboard?
No, If you are a crew members and if you want to use wifi onboard then you need to buy. There is different package for crew wifi but cheaper then guest. Like $10 for 100 minutes, or $5 for 24 hours social media plan, etc.

Q. How Crew members can get Free WiFi on Cruise Ship?
Ans- If you want to use free wifi onboard then you have to wait to reach on port. Most of the Port there is crew centre or free WiFi location, If you want to use free WiFi then you will have to go on that location.