Job Opportunities for Hotel Management Students

opportunities for hotel management

There are many job opportunities for hotel management students in India and out of India for example:-

The best career prospect in hotel management is you will be a part of a very luxurious and glamorous industry.

  • Hotels and Restaurants,(Taj, Oberoi, Bukhara, etc.)
  • Quick Service Restaurant( Mc Donald, Dominos, KFC, etc.)
  • Cruise Ship Jobs ( Carnival, NCL, RCCL, etc.)
  • Hospitals ( MAX, Fortis, etc.)
  • Railways ( MTS )
  • Bars and Clubs ( Playboy, Club 360, etc. )
  • IBM, Delloite ( Facility Manager)
  • Multiplex,
  • Aviation,
  • Sales and Marketing.

Anyone from a hotel management( Degree/Diploma) background can join all above mention opportunities.

If you are just completed your HM then you must join a 5-star hotel to start your career.

A good start to your career will teach you lots of good things about the hospitality industry and will take you to the next level of industry.

Career Options In Hotel Management

It’s a really great career options you have after doing HM Like you can become:-

  • General manager after a good experience in the Industry.
  • Master chef or Executive Chef Everyone has a dream to be a chef after hotel management.
  • Food & Beverage Director, Food & Beverage Manager, Restaurant Manager, etc.
  • Front Office Manager.
  • Housekeeping Executive, etc.

If you work very delicately for a long time in the hospitality industry then you will reach these top positions of the company.

All the above-mentioned positions are top-level positions in the department and their salary are also very attractive.

Salary After Hotel Management

Salary after hotel management is a big concern for everyone as a HM students. Truth about salary after hotel management is really very shocking.

If you are just a fresher then you will not get much salary from the industries, Your starting salary will be around Rs.10,000-Rs.14,000 per month.

Most of the time your salary varies from company to company, At beginning of your career do not attract more money.

I will suggest you choose a good property to start your career which help you to find good career opportunities after some experience.

Hotel management salary in India is very very low compare to other country and workload is very high compare to other industries.

If you are working as a hotelier then you have no social life, no personal life.

Internship for Hotel Management Students

The most important for all HM students is their internship which helps them to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Everyone needs to do an internship during HM from good 5-star hotels where students can learn practical knowledge.

They need to do internships in all core departments of the hotels like the front office, Kitchen, food and beverage service, Housekeeping, etc.

This Internship period will be six months for everyone and It also helps to get jobs after finishing a hotel management degree.

Now you must have some questions like What questions will be asked to a hotel interview for internship joining?

The best idea to clear your internship interview is your communication should be good and your basics must be strong.

They will put up most of the question from your basics and be confident while interview.

Government Jobs for Hotel Management Graduates
  1. MTS profile in Indian Railways

If you are a graduate of HM and you are looking for government jobs then you have very few options like Railways and Government IHM.

In Indian Railways, they release the vacancies for hotel management graduates as an MTS profile. You can check it out on the Indian Railways official website.

If you join as an MTS in Indian railways then your starting salary will be around Rs.18,000-Rs.22,000 per month.

If you have at least one year of experience from a five-star property then you can apply for an MTS profile.

2. Government IHM as a faculty members

If you are looking for government jobs after HM then you have a second option to join as a faculty member in government IHM.

You can apply for a faculty member If you have at least 5 years of Industrial experience from a five-star hotels.

If you will be selected then you will work on a contractual basis with faculty. And your performance will help you to get promoted as permanent faculty.

Note:- If you are looking for government job opportunities then these two option is the best option you have.

Airport Jobs for Hotel Management Students

After completing HM you can also choose your career in Aviation. There are multiple options for HM graduate students.

If you are an HM graduate and looking for a good career in Aviation or an airport then you can join as a ground staff crew member.

And the second option is you can also join as an air hostess but make sure your personality should be up to mark as per their demand.

Your communication is a major advantage for an aviation job. If your communication is really very strong then you deserve an aviation job.

After some experience in hospitality, you can move to Cruise ship Jobs where you will get paid more than any other industry.

But for Cruise ship jobs you need to fulfill the basic requirement for Cruise Ship Jobs

Salary of Hotel Management in India

Salary after hotel management

Hotel management is one of the high demanded professional course in India. Everyone wants to join a hotel management course because they know, once he/she done hotel management then he/she will get a job easily. But most of them don’t know the reality about the salary of hotel management in India. I have seen many hotel management students that searching on google “Salary of Hotel Management in India”.

The reality of hotel management is something different from what people know outside. So don’t be confuse about salary after hotel management in India. I will let you know exactly how much you will get paid after hotel management.

Salary after Hotel Management

Salary after doing hotel management is a myth. Everyone thinking If you have done hotel management then you will get Rs.40,000 or Rs.50,000 per month. You will get better than this but not just after completing your course. If you want to earn good money in the hotel industry then you need to stick longer with this company.

Your salary depends on many things after hotel management like your position, Company, etc. Many of them don’t know these factors, So today I will clear this myth from your mind.

How a Company is most Important for your Salary

It is very important after hotel management that what company you are joining like five-star hotels, for star hotels, three-star hotels, etc. If you have joined a five-star hotel then you will get a low salary at the beginning but later once you get experience then it will grow much better.

But if you join four-star hotels or three-star hotels after completing your college then at the beginning you might get a better salary but later your salary will not increase as compared to a five-star hotel experience. So please think twice be before choose your property after hotel management.

How Your Position is most important for your Salary

Yes, Your position is very important, If you are looking for a good salary after hotel management. Your salary totally depends on your position. During your campus interview, you have three different options to get a better position. 1. Management Training, 2. Operational Training, and 3. Associate.

1. Management Trainee (MT) Program

If you are selected as a Management Trainee in a good property then you will have to work as a management trainee for at least 18 months and your salary will be around Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month.

During your training, you will work all departments available in the hotel like Front Office, Food & Beverage Service, Food & Beverage Production, Housekeeping, Human Resource, Finance, Security, Sales, and Marketing, etc.

After completing your training period you will have to clear an internal exam with HOD and Directors of the hotel.

Once you clear your management trainee program then you will get promoted as outlet Manager and your salary will increase by 20% to 30% of your current salary.

2. Operational Trainee (OT) Program

The operational trainee program is quite different from the Management Trainee Program. If you are selected as an Operational Trainee in any five-star property then you will have to work as an Operational trainee for at least 18 months and your salary will be around Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 18,000 per month.

After completing your training period you will have to clear an internal exam with HOD and Directors of the hotel.

After completing your Operational Trainee program then you will get promoted as outlet Supervisor and your salary will increase by 20% to 30% of your current salary.

3. Associate

Associate is not any program in the property, It is just a position where you will start your career from scratch level. Here you will not do any kind of cross-training to a different department, you will just work in your core department.

If you will not get any program like MT, OT then this is the opportunity for you.

Here your promotion depends upon you like how fast you learning the things, and how fast you are implementing yourself. If you learn within a year then you have an opportunity to get promoted within a year.

Your salary will be very low as it is a scratch level job but this is a golden opportunity to work with class management in the industry. Your average salary may be between Rs.10,000 to Rs. 12,000 per month.

After doing Hotel Management you have many career opportunities like Hotels and Restaurant, Aviation, Railways, Sales and marketing, retail, Cruise Ship, etc.

Hotel Manager Salary

In India or anywhere in the world hotel manager salary depends upon the categories of hotels like is it a five star or four-star hotels.

An average salary of a Hotel Team is:

General manager is approx Rs. 2 lac to Rs.6 lac per month.

Food and Beverage Director is Rs. 1 lac to Rs. 3 lac per month.

Executive Chef is Rs. 1 lac to Rs. 3 lac

Front office Manager salary is Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 per month.

Executive Housekeeper Salary is Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,20,000 per month.

Bar Manager Salary will be Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 lac per month.

An average salary of a KST is Rs. 8000 per month.

Restaurant Manager Salary will be approx Rs.70,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 per month.

These salary could be change as per you property category but an average salary will be like this.

Hotel Management Salary in Hyderabad, Kerala, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. will be similar for everyone.

If you will do master in hotel management then you can get good salary in the hotels because after master you will get better job opportunity.

How I join Cruise ship job After Hotel Management?

Hotel Management Salary in USA

In the USA salary paid as per hours, you are allowed to work 8 hours per day in the USA and 40 hours per week. You will get paid $600 weekly and $15 per hour. In a month you have an opportunity to earn between $2400 to $3200 per month. In some case you can earn better than this or maybe lower than this, It all depends upon your talent and skills.

Is Hotel Management is a Good Opportunity in India?

Hotel management is a high demanding course in India because of the job opportunity in hotels. It is true if you are a hotel management student then you will get a job very easily.

But salary after doing hotel management is not really good compare to other job opportunities. Overall I can say it is a better opportunity but not really good opportunity in India.

But yes Hotel management is a good opportunity in the US, Canada, Australia, etc.

I will not suggest to choose hotel management as a career because many reason like If you choose your career in hotel management then:-

  1. You will not get time for your family in the future.
  2. There is no social life after doing hotel management.
  3. Lots of work in the hotel.
  4. Late hours you will have to work like 12 to 18 hours per day.
  5. You will wake up early and sleep late at night, It may cause of your mental and physical harms.
  6. You will have to work at your favorite festival.
  7. It’s very hard to find a better opportunity near your home.
  8. You will have to compromise with your weekly off, like if the hotel is busy then they will say work whole week without off.
  9. You will get paid very less according to your work.
  10. There are many more reasons why you should not join hotel management as a career. Comment me below for any assistant.

I hope this article will be helpful for you, If you need any kind of assistant regarding hotel management and Cruise ship jobs please feel free to comment me below. I will give you a free consultation if you will comment below and your question will relate to hotel management and Cruise Ship jobs.

What is Hotel Management?


In the present time the value of hotel management industries is 10 lac crore and the coming 5 years will be 15 Lac crore. In a survey we found every 3 second there is a new Job Opportunities in hotel management. What is Hotel Management, Hotel means “home away from home” and Management means “Directing and Controlling a group of people or an organization to reach a goal”.

What is Hotel Management?

Hotel or Hotel management is the only place where millions of people stay away from home and the never feel like they are away from home. They always get all the facilities what he/she can get at their home. The industries never let feel then they are away from their loved ones. The hotel industries provide all the facilities, care like babies, let’s feel them special stay with us.

According to a private survey we found almost 75 million new job opportunities are waiting for desirable candidates. And this industry will help to reduce the unemployment percentage of the country.

Eligibility for Hotel Management

For hotel management, there are certain criteria you need to qualify for hotel management admission like:

  1. 3-year (degree) hotel management Eligibility.

Age limit for hotel Management

Age limit is very first criteria you need to clear if you are General / OBC categories you should be 25 years old and if you are belonging from SC/ST then you should be 28 years old as on 1st July of the admission year.

Qualification for hotel management

As per NCHMCT JEE if you are looking to appear in the hotel management exam then you should be clear 10th and 10+2 system of senior secondary examination or equivalent from a recognized board or University with minimum 50% marks in English. English is a compulsory language for hotel management.

Hotel Management Syllabus/NCHMCT JEE Syllabus

How to prepare for the hotel management entrance exam syllabus? Everyone wants to know about this, how can I get good rank to take admission in number one college.

To get a good job placement, Your college plays a good role to provide you the best job in your life which helps you to grow fast in the future.

The questions will ask you in your JEE exam will be based on your previous study like 10th or 12th standards.

You do not need to prepare like IIT or CAT, You just need to clear with your basics and communication.

For three-year hotel management programmed you need to appear in the NCHMCT JEE exam which has 200 questions on paper with a time duration of 3 hrs.

Click here to view Syllabus
  1. Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude 30 questions
  2. Reasoning and Logical Deduction 30 questions
  3. General Knowledge and Current Affairs 30 questions
  4. English Language 80 questions
  5. Aptitude for Service Sector 30 questions
  6. Note: You will get +4 marks for all correct answers and -1 for all wrong answers.

Important Date

  • Online Registration: Every year of January.
  • Entrance Test: 3rd week of April every year (Saturday).
  • Result: Result will announce in May of every year.
  • Counseling: Every year in July 1st week.
  • New Session: August every year.

Fees for 3 years Course

Tuition fees of any college depend on their policies, private college can ask as per their facilities and tuition duration.

Most of the IHM colleges have similar fees structure in any part of India and they divided their course in the 6th semester, each semester has 6th months.

The fees mentioned below are as per IHM college. The private college is free to choose fees structure as per their facilities.

1st semester(6th month)Rs. 72,400
2nd semester(6th month)Rs. 56,700
3rd semester(6th month)Rs. 57,200
4th semester(6th month)Rs. 57,600
5th semester(6th month)Rs. 54,200
6th semester(6th month)Rs. 50,900
fees structure can be up and down as per college location

2. For 1.5 years diploma hotel management Eligibility

Diploma in hotel management is also on demand and everyone want to do diploma if they are financially not strong or some personal reason as well.

Who can do diploma in hotel management? Hotel management after 12th or hotel management courses after 10th.

Hotel Management after 12th

If you want to do three years hotel management degree course then this is the basic criteria. But if you want to do a diploma in hotel management after 12th then you are most welcome in hospitality.

Hotel management course after 10th

Diploma in Hotel Management course after 10th can do or can not do, it depends on college to college.

Some of the IHM college did not allow to do a diploma in hotel management after 10th. But most of the college is allowed to do a diploma in hotel management after the 10th.

The IHM college always prefer 12th pass candidate for diploma in hotel management. If you are 10th passed then you never do degree in hotel management.

Age Limit for Diploma Courses in hotel management

Candidate from OBC and General categories upper age limit is 25 years old and for SC/ST categories upper age limit is 28 years old as on 1st July of the admission year.

Qualification for Diploma in hotel management

If you want to do a diploma in hotel management then you should be 10th and 12th pass from recognized board/university.

English is a compulsory language in your 10th or 12th standard.

Hotel Management Fees ( Diploma)

Fees can be varied upon the college to college according to the location of the college. The average fee for a diploma in hotel management is Rs. 24,000 per semester in Center Government college.

Entrance Exam

If you want to do a diploma in hotel management then no need to give any entrance exam to qualify for a certificate course in hotel management if you passed your 10th with English as one of the subjects.

Syllabus: If you doing a diploma in hotel management then you will have to study all the core departments for one year and for 6 months you need to do industrial training from hotels.

Admission in hotel management

You want to take admission in diploma for hotel management then you will have to visit in any hotel management college for further any query like admission fees, seat availability, last date of admission, IT will be provided by the college or not, Job placement will be provided by the college or not, etc.

My suggestion is to take admission in IHM college for diploma because it is very organized for everything like teacher’s availability, practical classes, theory classes, training, and Job placement, etc.

One & Half year Diploma in IHM Option

1. One & half year diploma in food and beverage service.
2. One & half year diploma in front office.
3. One & half year diploma in house keeping.
4. One & half year diploma in food production.
5. One & half year diploma in bakery and patisserie.

Hotel Management Course

The hotel management course could be a degree or diploma. Degree consist of 3 or 4 years course includes all the core departments like front office, housekeeping, food production, and food & beverage service.

The diploma consists of all the subjects but your main focus will be on your choice of subject like food & beverage service, front office, housekeeping, food production, and bakery & patisserie.

Career inhotel management

Salary after hotel management

Salary after hotel management depends on your placement. Once you finished your college then you have 3 options. Management Training program, Operational Training Program, and Associate Program.

1. Management Training Program( MT )

Once you join the hotel/hospitality industries as a Management Training Program then you will have to do training for at least 18 months in all department in the hotel like front Office, Food and Beverage Service, Food Production, House Keeping, Account, Sales and Marketing, Human Resource, Security, etc.

During training you will get paid Rs. 18,000 ( approx) maximum per month, Salary may be up and down as per company to company. After 18 months you will have to clear an internal interview with the Head Of the Department. Once you clear your internal interview then you will become Manager of the outlet and your salary will increase as per company policy.

2. Operational Training Program( OT )

When you join as an Operational Training in any properties then you will have to do Training for at least 18 months in all department in the hotel like front Office, Food and Beverage Service, Food Production, House Keeping, Account, Sales and Marketing, Human Resource, Security, etc.

During your training you will get Rs.14,000 (approx) per month. Salary may be up and down as per company to company. After 18 months of your OT program you will have to clear an interview with your HOD, Once you clear your interview then you will become an Outlet Supervisor, and your salary increase as per company policy.

3. Associate Program

When you join as an Associate Program in any properties then you will be part of a team and you will have to learn as much as you can. Your salary will be approx Rs.10,000 depends on company to company.

Your promotion depends on your performance, your evaluation, your communication skills, your knowledge, etc. Your boss will make your evaluation every 3 months and let you know about your weakness and strength to make it better.


There are more then 100 companies are looking forward to completing your hotel management degree but today I will tell you topmost hotels who want you to be part of their team like The Oberoi Group of Hotels, Taj Group of hotels, ITC, Jaypee, Hilton, Radisson, Hyatt, etc.

Career Opportunities After Hotel Management

After hotel management, you have many options to choose from as per your choice and all these industries are very essential for all time.

1.Hotels & RestaurantYou can join hotels and Restaurants as per your choice anywhere in the world.
2.Cruise ShipsIf you have done hotel management and you have 1 -2-year experience then you can join very high paying jobs on Cruise Ships.
3.Quick Service RestaurantQSR is a very demanding sector and the demand for hoteliers is too high in this sector. After hotel management you can join as a Management Trainee. Like: Pizza hut, Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Subway, KFC, Burger King, etc.
4.MultiplexAfter hotel management, you have the choice to join Multiplex as well like: PVR, Cinepolis, Fun City, Cinemas, etc.
5.AviationOnce you have done management and your communication is really good and If you think I can impress people with my words then Aviation is a very good option and this is high paying Jobs in Industry. Like Flight Attendant, Ground Staff.
6.Flight CateringTaj Sats, ETIHAD Airways, EMIRATES Airways, etc all these companies looking for hospitality candidate to join their team.
7.Sales and MarketingAfter hotel management you have lots of Soft skills to deal with guests and most of the top companies looking for hospitality candidates to join their team in Sales marketing. Like- Hotels, BMW, Audi, Deloitte, HDFC, etc.
8.Indian railwaysYou can join in Indian railways as well if you have done hotel management to manage the catering department. You can search for an MTS job in the railways department.
9.Tour & travelAfter HM you can join Tour & Travel company as well like Make my Trip,, Cox & King, etc.
10.Five Star HospitalYes it’s true, if you have done HM then you can join Five Star Hospital also like MAX Hospital, FORTIS Hospital, etc.
11.Retail ChainAfter Hotel Management you can join the retail chain as well as: Nike, ZARA, Pantalons, Pull & Bear, Oysho, etc.
12.Facility ManagementYes, You can join as a Facility Manager/ Assistant Facility Manager in any big company like Deloitte, IBM, Genpact, etc.

Hotel Organization Chart

General Manager is the main command of the hotel, he/she is the whole in charge of the property. All the HOD’s are responsible to report General Manager. For any planning Genera Manager discusses with all the HOD then implement on that topic.

Hotel Organization Chart
Hotel Organization Chart
Hotel Organization Chart
Hotel Organization Chart
Hotel Organization Chart

Institute of Hotel Management

The hotel management college is categorized by Central IHMs, State IHMs, PSU IHMs, Private IHMs, and Food Craft Institute.

All these colleges are affiliate by NCHMCT ( National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology.

List of Central Govt. IHM

S.No.Institute NameAddress
1.IHM- BengaluruS.J.Polytechnic Campus,
Seshadri Road,
Bengaluru Karnataka – 560001
2.IHM- BhubneswarVeer Surendra Sai Nagar,
Orissa – 751004
3.Dr. Ambedkar IHM- ChandigarhSector 42-D,
Chandigarh – 160036
4.IHM- ChennaiCIT Campus,
TTTI-Tharamani PO,
Tamil Nadu – 600113
5.IHM-GandhinagarGandhinagar Highway,
Patia Kudasan,
Gandhinagar Gujarat – 382421
6.IHM-GoaAlto Porvorim,
Goa – 403521
7.IHM-GurdaspurBariar, G.T. Road,
Punjab – 143521
8.IHM-GuwahatiVIP Road, Upper Hengrabari,
Guwahati Assam – 781036
9.IHM-GwaliorAirport Road Maharajpura (PO),
Gwalior Madhya Pradesh – 474020
10.IHM- HajipurNear Ramashish Chowk,
Opp. State Circuit House Vaishali,
Hajipur Bihar – 844101
11.IHM- HyderabadF’ Row, D.D. Colony,
Telangana – 500007
12.IHM- JaipurSikar Road, Bani Park,
Near Bani Park Police Station,
Jaipur Rajasthan – 302016
13.IHM- KolkataP-16, Taratala Road,
West Bengal – 700088
14.IHM- LucknowSeed Farm, Sector-G,
Uttar Pradesh – 226024
15.IHM-MumbaiVeer Sawarkar Marg Dadar (West),
Maharashtra – 400028
16.IHM- DelhiLibrary Avenue,
Pusa Complex,
Delhi New Delhi – 110012
17.IHM- Shillong“Lumpyngad”,
Bishop Cotton Road,
Shillong Meghalaya – 793001
18.IHM- KurfiKufri
Shimla Himachal
Pradesh – 171012
19.IHM- SrinagarRajbagh,
Jammu and Kashmir – 190008
20.IHM- ThiruvananthapuramG.V. Raja Road,
Kovalam PO,
Kerala -695527
21.IHM- BhopalBhopal
1100 Quarters,
Near Academy of Administration
Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 462016

If you want to know more institutes like State Government or Private Government then you can check out here.

Department in Hotels

  • Front Office
  • Housekeeping
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Accountancy
  • Security
  • Engineering
  • Purchase