Elon Musk Starlink Internet on Cruise Ship

Elon Musk Starlink Internet on Cruise Ship Would be a great option for the guest and crew on board If it could beat the speed of onboard internet. Because the situation of the internet on a cruise ship is very pathetic, You can not watch YouTube Video without buffering, You can not watch Netflix shows easily on board. So I believe the Elon Musk Starlink Internet on Cruise Ship will be the revolution in the field of the Internet.

Is Starlink Faster Than Normal Internet?

Yes, The Elon Musk Starlink Internet is much faster than the Normal Internet, On land, on Mountains, at Sea, Underwater, Underground, etc.

The download speed at sea of Starlink internet is 77.03 Mbps and Upload Speed is 15.72 Mbps, Which is much faster than the Normal speed of Internet at seas.

At Sea, you could not able to download videos or watch videos from YouTube as a normal internet user but If you use Elon Musk Starlink Internet then you can watch YouTube videos very easily and you can download them as well.

Does Starlink Work On Cruise Ship | Will Starlink be Available in The Ocean?

The Elon Musk Starlink will definitely work all over the world like at Sea, on mountains, underwater, underground, At Air, etc. Because it is a Satellite Internet, not cable internet.

Starlink is available now on cruise ships and One of the Royal Caribbean Ships is having this Starlink internet. The Ship’s name Using Starlink Internet is Freedom Of The Seas, Here guests are very much happy to use Starlink internet first time at seas.

The Freedom Of the Seas offers two different packages to the guest, The Voom Surf and Voom Surf & Stream.

So First Ship in the world using Starlink Internet on board is FREEDOM OF THE SEAS, and So far have very good feedback from the users on board.

First Starlink Internet On Cruise Ship

When one of my friends try the Starlink internet on board to watch YouTube Video then it start watching without buffering and the speed was too good.

What is the Advantage of Using Starlink at Sea?

The Starlink internet is much faster internet on board than any other existing internet so far. The main advantage of this Starlink internet is for social media influencers, Content Creators, Content Writers, Content Consumers, etc.

Using Starlink internet on board for videos watching from Netflix, Youtube, etc. is very easy but If you are using another internet onboard then you may get frustrated watching any video from YouTube, Netflix, etc.

Q. Can Starlink be Used on Yachts?

Ans. The Starlink internet can be used anywhere around the world until your government allows Elon Musk Company. You can use it at sea, at Air, Under Water, etc.

Q. How Much is Starlink Monthly?

Ans. The Elon Musk Internet is rolled out at $25 per month for their customers, The feature activation base price is $135 a month.

Q. Who Owns Starlink?

Ans. The Manufacturer and Operator of Starlink are Space X from the United State and the founder is Elon Musk.

I am working on cruise ships since 2015 and I know the problem of using the internet on board and how expensive but use less internet. This is the reason I am going to share the solution of internet onboard. If you got the opportunity to use this Starlink internet then must try it once and do let me know as well.

Difference Between Carnival Joining Letter and Letter of Employment

Carnival Joining Letter

What is the difference between the Carnival Joining Letter and the Letter of Employment, It’s very simple and you need to understand that the letter of employment will offer you an appointment that confirms your assignment but does not mention the date of joining and the port of Joining? In the Joining Letter will be mentioned your joining date, from which port you are going to join the ship, and your name and position with crew ID. This is the basic difference between a carnival joining letter and a letter of employment.

Carnival Cruise Line Letter Of Employment | Carnival LOE

Carnival Cruise Line Letter of Employment is a very essential document that gives the guarantee of employment with the company. The LOE contains the company logo with the brand name on the top with the address and date you will receive your letter of employment. It’s also defined that you are a New Hired crew or you are a Returning Crew.

How Difference between Norwegian Cruise Line Letter Of Employment from Carnival.

This LOE will get all the other detail like which ship you will join from where you will join, apart from your name as per passport with crew ID, and which position you will join the ship.

Only on behalf of a letter of employment, you can not get your C1D visa because LOE is not a complete document for Visa. Once you will appear for a C1D visa in front of the US Consulate then you need to bring your passport, CDC, LOE, and very important is Joining Letter.

Without a Joining letter, you can appear for a visa interview but you will not get a visa because of the joining letter. The US Consulate will ask you to visit the nearest VAC with a joining letter and submit it with your passport.

You do not need to make an appointment and do not need to pay the visa fee again, the US consulate will give you a letter, which needs to carry along with your Passport and Joining Letter.

Carnival Cruise Line Joining Letter | Carnival Joining Letter Format

Carnival cruise line joining letter also known as Bonafide letter or Guarantee Letter, which mentioned that you are an employee of Carnival Cruise Line. The joining letter mentioned your ship assignment ( Carnival Sunrise) on which date and year you are going to join and from which port you will join.

In the joining letter, they will mention your crew ID, your full name as per passport, your Nationality, and which position you are going to join the company.

The joining letter is one of the most important for the crew or staff of a carnival cruise line, you can not join a ship without a joining letter, you will never get your visa without a joining letter. If you were not able to submit your joining letter at the time of the C1D visa Interview then the US Consulate will hold your visa process until you submit it.

Q. What is LOE in Cruise?

Ans. LOE means Letter of Employment, which guarantees that the cruise Company hired you.

Q. How Long are Carnival Contract?

Ans. Carnival contract is minimum 3-8 months contract, it depends on the position to position, Some of the officers work for 3 months and then go vacation for 6-8 week. But all the crew members work for 8 months and go on vacation for 10-12 weeks.

Q. Who is the highest-paid person on a cruise ship?

Ans. The Ship Captain, Hotel Director, Cruise Director, Staff Captain, Executive Chef, and Food and Beverage Director.

Norwegian Cruise Line Letter Of Employment | NCL LOE

Original NCL LOE

Letter of employment is one of the main documents to join cruise ship and to process C1D Visa, without LOE you can not join any ship and you can’t take your visa. So how look like Norwegian Cruise Line Letter Of Employment and how NCL LOE is important to join cruise line. There are many fake Letter Of Employment given to job seekers by fake hiring company. Here you will find original Norwegian Cruise Line Letter Of Employment.

Norwegian Cruise Line Letter Of Employment is also know as Letter for Crew, Which mentioned on top NCL logo with head office address.

Then it’s mentioned that you are a new hire or Re-employment with Your name as per Visa, your passport number and your country.

And then which ship you are going to join from which port with xyz position and joining date.

If crew members are failed to NCL vessel due to any reason the Norwegian Cruise Line will pay for any cost incurred in deporting his/her homeland.

The Norwegian Cruise Line also request to join assigned ship with valid passport, valid visa and valid medical exams.

The NCL is also provide information for Officers and Crew arrival details like how they will travel, where the crew and officers will stay if reached before joining the ship, what will do if luggage is lost, etc.

How Important a Letter Of Employment

Letter of Employment is one of the very important documents, without Letter of employment you can’t join cruise ship, without letter of employment you can’t take C1D Visa appointment.

The letter of employment is a guarantee letter that the company is going to hire you and they will pay you for your work.

So when you go for Visa interview the Consulate will check all the given details which is mentioned in your LOE and match with your passport, like your name, passport number, etc.

When You Will Receive Letter Of Employment from the Company

Once you get hired by company then the company will decide your joining position and your salary. If you are good with company offers then they will ask you a declaration from your side.

If you accept company declaration form then they will provide you a Letter Of Employment and then you need to ask joining date from the company. After getting joining dates and LOE from the company then only you can apply for C1D Visa otherwise you may get hold your visa due to incomplete documents or it may cancel your visa because you were not able to provide all necessary documents.

The Original Letter Of Employment for Norwegian Cruise Line | Original LOE of Norwegian Cruise Line

Here you can see the original Letter Of Employment for Norwegian Cruise Line, If you found different from this letter of employment then it may be fake or not original. So be very careful with fake hiring company.

The hiring company can cheat your money by providing fake LOE of any company, The Cruise Ship Jobs Opportunity is free of cost. The hiring partners will not ask you any single amount of money.

The fake company can ask you money at the time of your medical exams, for your visa fees, for your flight ticket.

So If anyone asking money for cruise ship jobs then feel free to connect with me. Either you can comment below or you can text me on my Instagram at arunnbcruiser.

My consultation will be free of cost but my cost is If i help you then you must help someone who need it. One help can change someone life.

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