What are the Documents Required for C1D Visa?

C1D Visa is require for Seafarers and If you are going for C1D Visa then they will ask you some very important documents. So here you will find what are the documents required for C1D Visa? What are the documents required for drop box US Visa? Is CDC Required for C1D Visa interview? How long does it take to get C1D Visa?

Documents Requirement for C1D Visa and Renewal of C1D Visa

The Important Documents Required for C1D Visa

If you are going for C1D visa than you need to carry lot’s of documents but few documents are really very important for C1D Visa Interview.

If you forgot any of these documents then your visa may hold for while and these documents are:-

  • DS-160 Confirmation and Appointment Confirmation.
  • Original Passport (Old Passport Too) and CDC.
  • LOE and Cover Letter (Take out Color Print Out).
  • STCW Course and Indos Certificate.
  • Education and Work Experience Documents.
  • Original Payment Receipt of $160 Which you had received from Axis/City Bank.

So above mention documents are very-very important if you are going for C1D US Visa Interview with US Consulate.

What are the Documents Required for Biometric US C1D Visa Interview?

If you are going for Biometric for US C1D Visa then they will just Check your DS-$160 Confirmation and Appointment Confirmation, Original Passport, CDC and they will take you finger print of both hand 4+4 finger and both thumb.

The officer will click your passport size photographs and at last they will explain you about how you are going to receive your passport once your visa is approve like by given address delivery or

They can confirm your name as well twice or three time and what visa you are applying.

What are the Documents Required for C1D Visa Renewal?

Below mention all documents are very important for your C1D Visa Renewal, If you are fail to carry any documents from these than You may get rejected. So please read all the documents carefully and take along with you on date of Appointment.

C1D Visa Renewal Documents are:-

  • DS 160 Confirmation and Appointment Confirmation.
  • Letter of Employment(LOE)
  • Cover Letter ( Provided by Local Hiring Agency).
  • CDC and Current Passport( Old Passport Also)
  • 2 Photographs.

LOE and Cover Letter – Take out Color Print Out.

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Photographs Specification for C1D Visa Renewal:-

  • White Background (dark shirt).
  • 80% of your face should cover above shoulder.
  • It should be mat finish.
  • No Spectacles/Sunglasses
  • Teeth should not be visible.
  • Size 2″ * 2″ Inches

Is there Locker Facility Outside the US Visa OFC and US Consulate in New Delhi to Deposit Bags and Phones?

Yes, there is Locker facility outside the US Visa OCF and US Consulate in New Delhi to Deposit small bags and Mobile Phones, how you can reach for biometrics interview and Consulate Interview, What is the amount you need to pay to avail the facility of locker outside of US Visa OCF and US Consulate in New Delhi.

New Delhi, US Embassy Shantipath, Chanakya Puri-110021 has locker facilities but it’s not authorized by US embassy.

But yes you can deposit your bags, mobile phones, laptop, etc to them because you can not carry anything inside the embassy except your documents.

The cost of deposite mobile phone is Rs. 50 and same for small bags, They will provide you receiving for each items.

Ofcouse you have to trust them because there is lots of people deposit thier things to them and it’s just front of US Embassy.

New Delhi, Visa Application Center (VAC) Shivaji Stadium, Cannaught Place Locker Facility.

Yes here you can also deposit your bags to the locker room and they will charge you Rs. 200 per bag.

The locker room available on above the concourse level, at the floor you found any coinfusion then you can ask to security guard, at the same level there is STARBUCKS and just front of Starbucks locker facility available.

How to Reach US Visa OFC New Delhi | US Visa Application Center (VAC) New Delhi

If you have an appointment for your US Visa biometric then you need to reach here before 30 min to verify your appointment and all related documents.

How you can reach easily for your US Visa biometric in New Delhi? There are two way to reach for biometric interview for US visa in New Delhi.

How to Reach by matro for US Visa Biometric ? So if you are traveling from anywhere to Delhi for biometric then I will personally suggest you to travel through matro because it’s a very easy to reach.

You need to reach New Delhi Matro station which is on Yellow Line, From new delhi matro station you need to change your matro for Shivaji Stadium Matro Station.

Shivaji Matro Station (Airport Express Line)

At new delhi matro station you need to exit from there and need to follows Airport Express Line rout which take you Shivaji Stadium matro station.

Once you reach Shivaji Stadium Matro Station then you need to go upstair, After exit on Shivaji Stadium Matro, you will find Visa Application Centre front of you.

The Visa Application Center (VAC) address is New Delhi VAC, Shivaji Stadium Matro Station, Concourse Level, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place New Delhi-110001

If you are coming by air from out of delhi then you just need to take Airport Express Line (pink line) and deboard at Shivaji Stadium Matro Station before New Delhi Matro Station. And from there need to go one upstair, after exit you will find US Visa application Center.

Does Normal Matro Card Use on Airport Express Line

Anyone with matro card want to travel by Airport Express Line can easily travel to all route without any disturbances.

But anyone have matro card and travelling through matro from anywhere and want to go through Airport Express Line then he/she need to exit first and then the same card can use to take the excess of Airport express line.

Does Normal Matro Token Work on Airport Express Line?

So if you are traveling from any others rout like yellow line, blue line, red line, etc. Then you need to exit from your current rout on new delhi matro station and here on down stair you need to take new coupon for Airport Express Line.

If you have matro card then you don’t need to take another matro coupon for express line, you can use your card.

Here you need to buy another matro coupon for airport express line to continue your travel and the price of matro coupon from New Delhi to shivaji Stadium Matro is Rs. 30.

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How Far US Visa Application Center from New Delhi Matro Station?

From New Delhi Matro Station just one matro station away, You just need to change your matro to Airport Express Line.

The nearest matro station for US VAC is Shivaji Stadium Matro Station, from Shivaji Stadium Matro Station you need to exit and next to exit gate you will see the US Visa Application Center.

Nearest Matro Station for US Visa VAC for biometric
New Delhi Matro Station(Change Here to Pink Line)

If you are going as a Auto then it will take 15-20 minutes from New Delhi to Shivaji Stadium Matro Station.

From Shivaji Stadium Matro you need to go down Stair for US Visa Application Center but before that you may need to wait in line for your turn as per appointment.

The Security Guard will check you passport and appointment letter then they allow you to enter. So you must need to carry atleat these documents for further process.

How to Reach US Visa Application Center Shivaji Stadium

There are many way to reach US Visa Application Center Shivaji Stadium like, auto, bus, taxi, matro.

If you are traveling through matro then you can see above or If you are traveling through Taxi, Auto or Bus then you need to reach Shivaji Stadium Matro Station and from there you can ask security guard that how to go for visa interview or just do the entry from same gate you go for matro.

And then you need go level 2 down, there you can find a board of US Visa Application Center or if you are comfortable to ask associates who’s there to help or guide peoples.

Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook Salaries

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the best Cruise Lines which pays the best salary to their cruise employees. The NCL holds three brands Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Oceania Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line, the best thing about Norwegian Cruise Line is they pay very good salaries to their all brands of ships. The Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook’s Salary is $898 USD per month.

The Salary of an assistant cook on the Norwegian Cruise Line is $898 USD per month but this salary also varies as per seniority and promotion as well.

This salary is for those who have just a newly hired crew member as an assistant cook but If any Crew member is returning a crew member as an assistant cook then he/she will get paid some more extra amount as seniority.

If any crew members get promoted from assistant cook to cook then their salary will increase approx $300 USD. For an assistant cook working on the Norwegian Cruise Line, any ship and his/her salary is $898 USD per month, then after promotion, The Salary of a cook on the Norwegian Cruise Line will be $1198 USD per Month.

Norwegian Cruise Line Assistant Cook Salary

How Long do You Work On a Cruise For?

If You are joining Norwegian Cruise Line as an Assistant Cook then your Contract Length will be 36 weeks on board and 9 weeks will be Off.

The Contract length on a cruise ship is always varied from position to position and company to company, an average contract length of crew members on board is four months to ten months and an average Off will be two to three months before your next assignment.

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What are the Requirements to Work on a Cruise Ship?

  • You Must have a Valid Passport,
  • You must be 21 years old,
  • Minimum 1-2 years of relevant Experience,
  • Basic STCW Safety Certificate,
  • A Valid C1D Visa,
  • You need to Pass your medical Examination,
  • Good communication Skills,

How Can I Work on a Cruise Ship?

There are two ways to apply for cruise ship jobs, The first way is to go to the cruise company’s official website and find your relevant jobs and apply through their website.

The second way is to find the official hiring partners in your country and apply through them for a cruise ship.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get free Food?

Ans. Cruise Ship Employees get three times free food in their staff mess/ Crew mess and 24 hours tea, coffee, Juices, and fruits.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get free room and board?

Ans. Yes, all the cruise ship workers get a free room, Some of the crew members get shared rooms, and some of the crew members or officers get an individual room, Rooms division always depends on the position to position.

Q. Is it easy to get Cruise Ship Jobs?

Ans. Getting a cruise ship job is very easy If you are fulfilling their basic criteria and your communication and technical skills are good.

Q. Do Cruise Ship Workers get Over Time?

Ans. Yes, all cruise ship workers get paid for their extra work after a 9-hour shift.

Q. Height Requirement for Cruise Ship Job?

Ans. If you want to join a cruise ship job then there is no Height requirement, anyone can join a cruise ship If he/she has at least an SSC pass and a minimum of 1-2 years of relevant experience.