Medical for Seaman|| Medical for Seafarers||Cruise Ship Jobs

There are two types of medical examination for Seafarer that’s called “International Labour Organization (ILO) and Pre-Employment Medical Examination(PEME)”.

ILO Medical you need to do during your safety training like STCW safety training, CDC, etc., and PEME you need to do just before joining your assignment or Before joining your Ships.

Cost of ILO Medical

The Cost of ILO(International Labour Organization) medical examination is dependent upon DGS approved medical hospital but Its approx price is between Rs.2500 to Rs. 3500.

Cost of PEME Medical

The total cost of PEME is dependent on the company to company, Some of the companies need their preference medical test from individual crew members. And they ask DGS approved hospital medical examinational as per their need.

An Approx Cost of PEME is between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 8000, But this money could be refundable. Some of the companies refund your medical amount like Norwegian Cruise Line. But not all Cruise Line like Carnival, RCCL, Disney, etc.


Guidelines for the Medical Examinations of Seafarers

The basic guidelines for medical Examinations of Seafarers is supposed to be fit and fine.

  • Go for medical without having any food because there is some medical test need to do with an empty stomach.
  • Make sure do not smoke and drink before 2-5 days of medical test.
  • If you are suffering from any kind of disease then please avoid that day to go for a medical exam.
  • If you had passed through any major illness in past then please share with doctors.
  • In case you have eyeglasses then carry them during the medical day because you need to show the eyesight glasses.

Medical Fitness Certificate for Seafarers

You will get a medical certificate from the same DGS hospital which certified that you are able to work on sea or fit for work on Sea.

In some of the cases like If you are on medical leave from your current company at that time also you need this medical fitness certificate to reschedule your joining date. All the Cruise companies will ask you for your Initial for your joining.

Initial means what was the major issue for your medical leave and what was the treatment you had done to fit. Everything will be mention on your Initial and your medical fitness certificate.

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How to apply for SID DG Shipping.

How to Apply for SID DG Shipping|| Seafarers Identity Document

how to apply for SID

SID means Seafarer Identity Document and BSID means Biometric Seafarer Identity Document. The seafarer Identity Document(SID) is crucial for seafarers and, now SID is compulsory for every seafarer. You can apply SID on the DG Shipping website, the details are given below.

If you are seafarers then you must apply for SID because this is also the most important documents for all seafarers, same as CDC and Passport. And now no one can fly for cruise ship or ship jobs If they do not have Seafarer Identity Document(SID).

This has also become a very important document for all seafarers. BSID is all about you which reflects the biometric data about you. Before a seafarer could not fly without CDC and now SID will be the main reason.

There are many benefits have SID, If anyone has SID then he/she will be able to have unrestricted movement in other countries during vacation. Seafarers will get recognized in the international market as a seafarer. It also helps to get more job opportunities.

DG Shipping SID Apply Procedure

To apply for DG Shipping SID is very easy for everyone, Here you can follow the step-by-step process to apply for DG Shipping BSID(Biometric Seafarer Identity Document).

Step-1. Download Mozilla Firefox 40.0.x or higher.

Step-2. Browse the DG Shipping SID login portal at

Step-3. Login to SID portal using INDOS NO as username and password followed by you.

Step-4. Once login, Click on the link apply for SID.

Step-5. Here you need to check INDOS and CDC details and then click on ” Continue”.

Step-6. Check your personal detail in the given form and then click on ” Continue”.

Step-7. Fill the dispatch address where you want to deliver your SID and then ” Continue”.

Step-8. Here in other details they will ask you few question regarding CDC and passport Like:-

1. Have you ever applied for SID before? Yes, or No, Marked here No.

2. Are you under Debarred for applying? (A) CDC (B) SID, Yes or No. Marked here No No on each.

3. Please state whether you possess these documents? (A) Indian Passport (B) Indian CDC, Yes or No. Marked here Yes Yes on each.

Step-9. At last they will ask you disclaimer and then summit.

Step-10. You need to make a payment of Rs. 300 by online as per your choice like Debit card, Credit Card, Net banking, etc.

Step-11. Here you need to schedule an appointment as per the available date and time. They have a few centers in India Like- Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai. Noida, Goa, New Mangalore, Kochi, Vizag, Kandla(Gujarat).

Step-12. Print out of “Report and Acknowledgement” and carry at center with CDC and Passport.

If you have any queries then you can watch this video or you can contact me for any queries, the contact details given in video.

Document Required for SID or BSID

This is the whole process of applying SID or BSID, The SID is mandatory now for all seafarers. If you are applying for SID then you need India CDC only. If you have Bahama CDC or Belize CDC then you can not apply for SID. You need only Indian CDC for applying BSID online. So you need Indian CDC and Indian Passport for applying for SID. If you are from India.

Things to Remember While Applying SID

  1. Your internet browser must be support 128-bits.
  2. The minimum versions of Mozilla Firefox should be 40.0.x or higher.
  3. Your all the document should be ready and updated on DG shipping website in master checker.
  4. If anythings is mismatch in your CDC and INDOS then please do not apply for SID otherwise your appointment will get cancels.
  5. To make any change in your CDC and INDOS, you need to send a mail on “[email protected]” with a scan copy of your Passport, CDC, and INDOS certificate.

If you do not know how to do E-Learning on DG Shipping then you can visit here to know in detail.

Appointment Center in India for SID

There are many center in India for SID or BSID where you can choose an available date and time and visit on time. These center are :-

  1. Chennai
  2. Kolkata
  3. Mumbai
  4. Noida
  5. Goa
  6. New Mangalore
  7. Kochi
  8. Vizag
  9. Kandla ( Gujarat)

So far they have a total of 9 appointment centers all over India. Here you need to choose Fresh Appointment if you are applying for the first time.

If you think you are not able to reach on center as per the appointment date and time then you can cancel the appointment and you can schedule for another.

You can change your appointment for three-time for free but If you change more than three-time then you need to pay another Rs.300 payment.

1. Is SID mandatory for Seafarers?

Ans. Yes, SID is mandatory for all seafarers now, If you do not apply yet then apply now for SID or BSID. Anyone without SID can not fly to join the ship.

2. How do I apply for SID in DG Shipping?

And. Visit at then login with your INDOS No and password followed by you, Click apply for SID at top left side bar.

3. What are the requirements for SID?

Ans. You need only CDC and Passport to apply for SID or BSID, without these documents you can not apply for SID.

4. What does BSID and SID stand for?

Ans. SID stands for Seafarer Identity Document and BSID stands for Biometric Seafarer Identity Document.

How do I cancel SID Appointment?

It’s a very simple step to cancel SID Appointment, You just need to follow the instruction.

  • open the website on FIREFOX MOZILLA, Never open google chrome because the DGS website does not support Google Chrome.
  • Here you need to log in with your INDOS NO. Password must be followed by INDOS No with 1.
  • On the SEAFARERS MENU, you will find Cancel Appointment at number five, You just need to click on that and follow the instruction.
  • You can cancel your appointment up to three-time with the same fees after that you will have to pay your appointment fees.

How to Reschedule appointment for SID || Reschedule appointment for BSID

  • Simply log in to the website with your INDOS NO and Password.
  • Click on Application Status on the Seafarers menu.
  • You will find payment status active and,
  • If you will see that your online application for a SID card has been successfully submitted. and Here they will ask you to schedule your appointment.
  • There you will find types of appointments like Fresh appointment, Lockdown appointment, and UK_ Brazil Appointment.
  • Here you can choose a fresh appointment or a Lockdown appointment and then you will find Appointment center options.
  • You can choose as per nearest appointment center.

Can You Work On Cruise Ship If You Are Colorblind


Color blindness and Eyesight is two major medical condition for cruise ship crew or staff. If you want to work on a cruise ship then you will have to clear these two medical exams. Many of you have queries like can you work on a cruise ship If you are colorblind and here you are gonna find the solutions.

Eyesight weakness crew and staff can work on cruise ships or as a seafarer by using eyeglasses if your eye is not 6/6.

Onboard many crew members are using eyeglasses and working onboard for a long time. It depends on your eye weaknesses. If it is minor then well and good but If it’s major then it may be difficult to pass your medical exam.

If you are using any eyesight glasses then you must carry them while medical exam day to show the doctor. So a doctor can see it and verify it.

If you are suffering from colorblindness and you are thinking about cruise ship jobs, then it will be tough for you. If your colorblindness is minor then you may work on a cruise ship, but If your colorblindness is quite major then you will not pass your medical and you will not get a job on a cruise ship.

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You should read the pros and cons of working on cruise ship before applying for cruise ship jobs.

Why you can not get cruise ship jobs If you are Colorblind

Color blindness is a major medical condition for seafarers and If you have colorblind then do not think about cruise ship jobs because of safety reasons.

Even you will get hired by a cruise company but while your medical exam If you cough as a colorblind then the cruise company will not take you on board.

On-Board Safety is a major concern because at sea your life is at high risk and they do not want to take any risk because of colorblind crew or staff on board.

Safety is the first priority on board and most of the emergency signals are given by voice-over and by signals, like fire signal, medical signal, Emergency Exit signal, etc.

On-Board has many emergency signals like man over boat, fire signal, medical signal, Abandon ship signal, General Emergency signal, etc. These are the very common signals have on board and If you are onboard then you must be very familiar with all these signals.

To prevent any kind of emergency on board the ships do mock emergency safety drills so that all the crew will be trained with their duty and responsibility in case of any kind of emergency.

During the mock drill, all the services are stopped for the guest and staff to prevent any mistakes during the emergency drill.

I believe you must know, what is colorblindness and eyesight weakness?

If you are not able to identify the difference between colors like red, yellow, green, blue, etc. then you have colorblindness. The possibility of colorblindness is minor as well as major.

If you think you will join cruise ship jobs by using colorblind contact lenses then you are very wrong because you will not clear your medical with colorblind contact lenses.

Colorblindness is not yet listed as a disability but still many of the jobs you can not join If you have colorblindness.

This colorblindness you will found in male, 99 out of 100 but in female It is very very rare.

Many good jobs do not take colorblind people like Marchand navy, cruise ship, military, Airforce, etc.

Eyesight weakness means your eye is not 6/6 and you are not able to see clearly from near or far. If you have this kind of medical condition then you can work on a cruise ship but you will have to use your eyeglasses.

But very important thing is that while going for the medical exam please carry your eyeglasses to verify the doctors and then they will certify you for cruise ship jobs.

The colorblindness test name for seafarers is called the “Ishihara” test which is mandatory for all the crew members.

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