Is Locker Facility Available in Bandra Terminus?

If Someone travel to Bandra Terminus from any other place and wants to keep his/her luggage for a few hours, Then They Must Look for lockers on Bandra Terminus. Before I plan to travel Mumbai, My First question was, Is Locker facility Available in Bandra Terminus?

When I went to Bandra Terminus for Visa Interview with Luggage then I look for a locker at the terminus so that I can keep my extra bags there for a few hours.

But at Mid night there was no one to tell you where is locker room or is there locker room available or not?

So at mid night I was also searching on google and YouTube that

Is Locker Facility Available in Bandra Terminus?

Yes, Cloak Room Facility is available in Bandra Terminus Mumbai, But very hard to find on platform because it is outside of the platform.

Once you reach Bandra terminus station then go to platform number one and Exit from the station.

Take first left from the platform number one and walk for 100 meters, On the left side you will find parcel office.

The Parcel office is locker room, you can keep your extra stuff over there with minimum charges.

How Much they Charge for one bag ?

So they charge me Rs.30 for one bag, I kept one bag for 5-6 hours. So If you want to keep more then 24 hours then you may need to pay more for every luggage but up to 24 hours you need to pay only Rs. 30

Mumbai Railway Station

Who can Use Cloak Room at Railway Station?

You must need to carry train tickets which supposed to be confirmed, You need a lock with double key. Without Lock they will not accept your luggage in the clockroom.

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Q. How to book Cloak Room at railway Station?

Ans. No need to booking for cloak room use, You just need to carry a confirm train tickets and a lock with double key.

Q. Can we keep Luggage at Mumbai Railway Station?

Ans. Yes, You can keep your luggage at Bandra Terminus Railway Staion.

Q. Difference Between Bandra and Bandra Terminus?

Ans. Bandra is for only local trains but Bandra Terminus is for inter state trains. You can not take an inter state train from Bandra Station.

People Lives Permanently on Cruise Ships because it’s Cheaper than Housing

cruise ship in santorini

Personally, I have seen many Couples living on a cruise ship in their 50s because cruising is cheaper than living on Land. Especially I found the guest from Australia, New Zealand, The USA, Canada, etc. People Lives Permanently on Cruise Ships Because it’s cheaper than housing.

Many Cruise companies offer very cheap price for cruising, If the guest is connected with the company for a long time then the cruise company provide a very attractive price structure to the guest.

The Guest does not need to worry about food, Beverage, accommodation, etc. If they stay onboard but someone staying on land in their 50s then they must worry about their food, accommodation, medical expenses, electricity bill, water bill, etc.

Recently many News channels from Australia cover a report about Richard Burk and Angelyn, Both have dreamed of retiring to their life while traveling around the beautiful world.

Retirement on the Cruise Ship is Cheaper than Land

Here your new retirement home could be a cruise ship because many cruise companies offer you to stay on board at a very cheap price.

And if you are spending most of the time onboard then it’s your home. You can say that a beautiful home away from home is very affordable, cheap, and lots of fun on board in the 50s.

The cruise companies like NCL, RCCL, Carnival, etc give offers to the guest to celebrate their silver jubilee, gold jubblies, or platinum jubblies on board. So they can save their memories forever.

If Someone living on the land in their 50s or 60s then they must need think about everything and some time they do not have anyone to care for them at their old age, So I also believe that cruise ship is one of the best ways to take retirement on the ship.

The very famous news company like CNBC, Newsweek, etc also cover this, If you want to know more please go to their official website and checkout.

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Cruise Ship News Update|When will Resume Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship News Update:-The Cruising industry was doing great for the last few months, but due to Omicron again they are expecting to shut down. Everything was getting better, Crew members were going back to work again, Guest was planning to do cruising. But because of the new variant of covid, they are going to shut down again. Of course, we have lots of questions in our mind like If it is going to shut down again then when will resume cruise ship. The below you will find some current Cruise ship news updates so read carefully and share your opinion with us.

Cruise Ship Update 2022

Every single day has lots of new covid cases and unfortunately, the cruise industry is canceling the cruising for a few month but don’t worry most cruise companies are giving future cruising options to their lovely guest. Apart from that, they are offering some onboard offers to the guests like free Wi-FI on board, Free Excursion, etc.

So If your cruising is canceled by the company it means they care about your health and safety first than anything. Onboard health safety must be first priority for guests as well as crew members.

On January,5,2022, 139 persons get infected out of 1827 on Cordelia’s cruise ship in Goa, India. The cruise ship itinerary was Mumbai to Lakshadweep to Goa, The BMC send them for quarantine.

The Norwegian Cruise Line Cancel the many cruise ship sailing due to the increasingly high volume of positive cases. The latest Norwegian Gem cancels 10 days cruising in mid-voyage and returns back to New York City.

cruise job
cruise ship jobs

The Royal Caribbean International And Celebrity cruise line also cancels more cruises because omicron continues to break out the cases in the cruise industry.

We all know that virus onboard is spreading like anything and the CDC warn cruise ship travelers to avoid travel by cruise ship to keep them safe and secure from covid. If someone is fully vaccinated onboard still are in a danger zone to get infected by covid.

If you are crew members and waiting for your joining date then this time maybe you can get your joining early because the crew members join the ship a few months ago, They need to come back home and new crew members will join back to ship, So keep your documents ready and stay safe at your home.

Anyone who want to join a cruise ship job and wants to apply for a cruise ship job then you can find hiring partners for cruise ship jobs nearby you, Click Here for the best employment agency, These hiring partner will never ask you for money for cruise ship jobs. It’s 100% free recruitment.

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