Norwegian Prima Itinerary | Ncl Prima

The Norwegian Prima coming in summer 2022 with a beautiful itinerary, The Norwegian cruise line going to launch one of the best, dynamic, modern, and biggest cruise ships. The Norwegian Prima is the 18th ship of the Norwegian Cruise Line which has a great itinerary in 2022/23.

In 2019 Norwegian cruise line launched the Norwegian Encore on 17 August 2019 which is the sister ship of Norwegian Bliss.

The Norwegian Prima:- Norwegian Prima is the 18th ship of the Norwegian Cruise Line which has the capacity of 3,215 lower beds. This is the extraordinary and brand new classic ship have in the NCL fleet.

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships in the Fleet

The total number of ships have with the Norwegian Cruise Line is 18 and they have few more upcoming ships in the future.

S.No. Ships Name Years Build
1.Norwegian Spirit1998
2.Norwegian Sky1999
3.Norwegian 2001
4.Norwegian Star2001
5.Norwegian Dawn2002
6.Norwegian Jewel2005
7.Pride of America2005
8.Norwegian Jade2006
9.Norwegian Pearl2006
10.Norwegian Gem2007
11.Norwegian Epic2010
12.Norwegian Breakaway2013
13. Norwegian Gateway2014
14.Norwegian Escape2015
15.Norwegian Joy 2017
16.Norwegian Bliss2018
17.Norwegian Encore2019
18.Norwegian Prima2022

My Personal Experience with Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise line is one of the best cruise lines have in the fleet for their guest and employee as well. I am an employee of Norwegian Cruise Line and I am service for the last five years for NCL and Believe me I feel a home away from my home.

Very good work culture, One of the best teams on board, Lovely management for all the employees and guests.

I personally highly recommend everyone to be part of Norwegian Cruise Line, as a crew or staff and guest.

cruise ship update
cruise ship standing in Greece

As a crew member of Norwegian Cruise Line:- How you can grow with the Norwegian cruise line? The growth of an NCL employee is the best in the fleet, I personally got two promotions in three contract periods. If you work harder and smarter onboard then you must get promoted because onboard management will always observe you and your performance.

One of the best things about the Norwegian cruise line is they do an evaluation of their crew member every month, by the head of the department.

So my first choice will be the Norwegian cruise line and the second will be the Carnival cruise line and then Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

Norwegian Prima Itinerary

S.NoDatePortsWhy NCL?No. of Days
1.17th-Aug-2022 to 25th-Aug-22Northern Europe: Iceland & Norway to Reykjavic from Amsterdam, Netherlands-Free WIFI
-Free Open Bar
-Free Specialty Dining
-Free Excursions
-Risk-Free Cancellation
-30% OFF all Guests
8 Days Cruising
2.3rd-Sep-2022 to 13th-Sep-2022Baltic: Germany, Russia & Sweden from Amsterdam, Netherlands-Free WIFI
-Free Open Bar
-Free Specialty Dining
-Free Excursions
-Risk-Free Cancellation
-30% OFF all Guests
10 Days Cruising
3.13rd-Sep-2022 to 23th-Sep-2022Northern Europe: Oslo & Bergen to London from Copenhagen, Denmark-Free WIFI
-Free Open Bar
-Free Specialty Dining
-Free Excursions
-Risk-Free Cancellation
-30% OFF all Guests
10 Days Cruising
4.15th-October-2022 to 27th-October-2022Caribbean: Curacao, Aruba & Cozumel from New York City-Free WIFI
-Free Open Bar
-Free Specialty Dining
-Free Excursions
-Risk-Free Cancellation
-30% OFF all Guests
12 Days Cruising

NCL Vaccination Requirements for Crew Members

NCL ( Norwegian Cruise Line) announced vaccination requirements for the crew members in April 2021. These vaccines are very important for crew members, and every crew member required to vaccinated before on board.

The Crew members or Staff members can be vaccinated in their home country. If any crew members are not able to get vaccinated in their home country then no need to worry they can get vaccinated while sign-on process at no cost.

Vaccine Brands Currently Accepted by NCLH as of April 19, 2021

These vaccine for vessels operating outside the United States

  • Moderna
  • Johnson and Johnson / Janssen
  • AstraZenca / Covishield / Oxford
  • Sinovac
  • Pfizer BioNTech / Comirnaty
  • Sinopharm
  • Sputnik
  • Covaxin / Bharat Biotech

These are the eight vaccines are accepted by Norwegian Cruise Line Limited, So If you are a crew or staff member of NCL then you need these vaccines before sign-on.

The Norwegian Cruise Line Operating Outside of the United State in the month of July 2021 and August 2021 with three ships, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Joy, and Norwegian Gem.

Norwegian Jade sailing from Athens, Greece, and Norwegian Joy and Gen from the Caribbean in August 2021.

Will Cruise Lines Require Covid Vaccine?

Many of you have lots of queries about vaccine requirements for Cruise ships and this is what they want from every crew members.

So yes almost all the companies need to be vaccinated before onboard like NCL, TUI, etc. So Please double-check with the cruise company before going for vaccination.

When will Norwegian Cruises Resume

Norwegian Cruise Line resume sailing again with their three ships outside the United States And these ships are Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Joy, and Norwegian Gem.

Norwegian Jade resume 25 July 2021, Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Gem will resume August 2021.

We are expecting to resume with some more ships in September and October 2021, So no need to worry. Good time is coming soon for cruise line.

Some of the cruise companies can resume sailing in June 2021 like Dream Cruise companies. So yes this is a really good sign for cruising company.

Why do you want to work on a cruise ship is a really very important question and you must know the answer of this question before apply for cruise ship jobs.

When will Cruise Ships Sail Again|| Will Cruises Resume in 2021

cruise update

Everyone wants to know when will cruise ships sail again and many of them have lots of confusion about “will Cruise Resume in 2021” or not. Simply It’s not so easy to start sailing again without proper guidelines and without conditions. Cruise Industry may resume 100% sailing at the end of 2021 or begging of 2022. Few ships can start sailing in June 2021 as per their announcement.

They do have conditional sailing but still, they are not ready to sail in water because of many guidelines given by CDC, Now they do have a Vaccination passport also If someone thinking about cruising incoming day.

It’s very hard to say “will cruises resume in 2021” because many shipping company canceling their Itinereray due to another face of COVID.

Canada also have restriction to sail in Canadian water until February 2022 as per transport Minister of Canada. We hope that they may change their restriction in the future and let’s allow cruise companies to sail at the end of 2021 but It looks impossible.

When will Norwegian Cruises Resume|| Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line paused their all sailing through May 2021, They may start sailing in June 2021. They may extend their pause in the future because they also announced that they are going to repatriate all non-essential crew members by March-April 2021.

So here have very little chance to resume in June because before they start sailing, They will have to start test cruising which is impossible to do without crew members. You can check out more on NCL Official Website.

UPDATED:- On 16th March 2021 NCL(Norwegian Cruise Line) extend their pause on sailing through June 30, 2021, and NCL may expecting to resume sailing on July 2021.

When Will Princess Cruises Resume Sailing

Princess Cruise line Suspended them all sailing until April 2021, They may start sailing In May 2021. They have Itinerary in the third week of May 2021 in the Mediterranean and Adriatic.

Princess Cruise line extending the pause of its UK-based cruise vacation through 25 September 2021.

When will Carnival Cruise Resume Sailing

Carnival Cruise line extend its pause in operation from United State ports through May 31, 2021. They may start sailing again in June 2021. Carnival cruise line also planning to reduce the contract period of their current onboard crew members. The rumors say they may suspend through September 2021 and they can resume sailing in October 2021.

When will Royal Caribbean Resume Sailing

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line suspended their sailing through March 2021 and they may resume sailing again in April 2021.

Royal Caribbean Cruise line offering the cheapest price cruise vacation for guests at $199 only, So If you are planning to do a Cruise with confidence then you can go for an RCCL vacation.

The Azamara is also extended their all sailing through June 2021, They may resume sailing at the end of June or the first week of July 2021.

When will P&O Cruises Resume Sailing again

P&O Cruises is one of the best cruise line and everyone want to know about resuming update of P&O Cruises. P&O cruises suspended their all sailing through August 2021. P&O cruises may resume sailing in September 2021.

When will MSC Cruises resume sailing

MSC cruise line is one of the big cruise companies in the world we have and they are growing day by day. Most of you have a query about the MSC cruise line, which means when MSC will resume sailing again so MSC cruise line is suspended through April 2021. The MSC cruise line may resume sailing in May 2021.

When will Marella Cruise Resume Sailing Again

Marella Cruise Line associated with TUI cruise company and the TUI/Marella cruise line suspended their all sailing through April 2021. The TUI cruises may resume sailing again in May 2021.

Will Cruises Resume in 2021

Cruise Jobs for Freshers-Ship Jobs for Freshers

See, Most of the cruise companies are announcing their expected date to sail again but due to lots of conditions, they are not yet ready to sail. Some of the cruise companies are expecting to resume service in April/May/June but they are not sure yet.

If someone will ask me about resuming the update of the cruise company then my answer will be the end of this year or maybe next year.