Carnival Cruise Cancellations 2021

Norwegian Escape

As per onboard crew members, the Carnival Cruise Line canceled their all sailing until October 10, 2021. The cancellation may be extended later but as of now, this is the latest update about Carnival Cruise Line.

The Carnival Cruise line sends their three ships for dry dock and they may return to service by September 2021. These ships are Carnival Magic, Carnival Paradise, and Carnival Valor.

They did not mention any date to resume on service but yes they are expecting to resume on service on October 10, 2021. The management mentioned this date to their onboard crew members.

If everything go well then they may resume on service on October 2021 with full flesh.

After lifting the No Sail Order by CDC with conditional sail order, They all are waiting for a vaccine in the United State. But they did not get any good sign yet.

For sure, When the cruise line will resume service then there will be lots of new changes for crew members and guests also.

Like mask will be mandatory for everyone onboard, Vaccination will be required for everyone before board on ship, etc.

Norwegian Cruise Cancellations 2021

Norwegian cruise line officials announced all United States sailing until April 30, 2021, but for sure they will extend their sailing date again. Because they announced to send back home all non-essential crew members by March-end or April 2021.

They will use their two big ship to repatriate their all Asian( Indian, Indonesian, and Philippines) crew members. The Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Escape will be used for repatriating non-essential crew members.

Two months before Norwegian Escape came to India to get around more than 1000 crew members for service but now they will come to put back all non-essential crew members.

So It’s very hard to say that when they will resume service again, and this is the big factor they are trying to do cost controlling.

The more crew will be on board, the more money they will have to pay as wages. If they work at least 8 to 9 hours a day then they will have to pay at least the basics of their salary.

Officially Norwegian Cruise Line suspended their all U.S Sailing through April, 2021.

And now today 18th Feb 2021 the NCL announced to pause their all sailing until May 30, 2021. So we believe they will not going to resume service before May. They are expecting to resume in May but It may extend again.

Mandatory Update by CDC

CDC announced, Mask is mandatory for cruise terminals and cruise ships in the United State and this will have to follow by all the company’s crew members and guests.

As per new guidance, Everyone will have to wear a mask while traveling to an airport, bus stops, railways, terminals, subway stations, etc. Which will help to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

When Will Norwegian Cruises Resume

norwegian cruise line

After this pandemic and many cancellation everyone want to know about when will Norwegian Cruises Resume in service. This December 2020 most of the cruise line announced their cancellation and resuming update officially.

The CDC removed no sail order with lots of new guidelines for the cruise industry if they are resuming in service in the US.

The CDC said all the cruise line will have to follow these guideline without failing. And the guidelines are for both Guests and Crew members.

-Like they need to wear mask all the time onboard crew and guest both.

-Crew members need to wear hand gloves during service all the time.

Guest and crew both need to submit their negative COVID report before get onboard or before sign-on.

-There are many guidelines which mandatory for everyone onboard, You can checkout on CDC official website.

-CDC wanted to cancel cruise ship sailing for further but the government came with conditional sailing.

-And now they are expecting to resume on service by March 2021.

The CDC has a 40-page new guideline or conditional sailing order for cruise lines, I will suggest you go through it once.

When Will Norwegian Cruises Resume on Service

Norwegian cruise line suspend their all cruise ships sailing through 28th February 2021 except Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Escape, and Norwegian Encore.

Recently Norwegian Escape came to India to take around 800 crew members for their future sailing.

And Norwegian Joy came to the Philippines to bring most of Philippines Crew Members onboard.

Now there is a possibility, If the cruise will not resume sailing before March then they might be sent home all non-essential crew members.

Now NCL expecting to resume in service March 31, 2021.

Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruise line also cancelled their selected itineraries.

Royal Caribbean is giving 125% future cruise credit to those guests who are booked their voyage in canceled cruises.

They said If you booked your cruise by any agent then contact those agents for a refund of the money.

Cruiser Expectation Around the World

-People are expecting to resume cruise in the UK because the UK government approved the vaccine and starting to roll out by Monday.

-I heard a vaccine was just approved in the UK, Let’s get this. It’s been over a year since my last vacation and I am going crazy over here.

Cruise Line Operations Update 2020

norwegian cruise line

Here, We have cruise line operations update 2020. Everyone is waiting for good news about resuming of cruise line. Christmas Day and New year’s Eve are arriving soon and everyone has a hope to resume on service of the cruise line. This Cruise Line Operations Update will make you happy.

Some of the Cruise lines are getting ready to resume service in December 2020 but not all the cruise lines.

Norwegian Cruise Line are using their own ships to bring the crew back to work like Norwegian Cruise Line.

Norwegian Escape is arriving in India on 21st November 2020 to get almost 800 Indian Crew members.

Before joining a cruise ship, all the crew members need to quarantine for 14 days in a hotel. During their stay, they need to do the COVID-19 test Twice.

Once, all the crew reached their assigned Ships then they will have to quarantine for 6 days again before go onboard.

Norwegian Cruise Line Suspended Sailing Through March, 2021

Due to the current global situation, Norwegian Cruise Line suspended the sailing of many NCL ships, Like Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Star, and Norwegian Spirit.

Those who already done with booking with these three cruise ships will get refunds and discount future cruise credit and a 10% off coupon will be automatically added to the guest account.

Before Norwegian Cruise Line announced their suspension through 31, December 2020 and they expect to resume service on January 1, 2021.

Most of the cruise lines are resuming next year for services like Carnival, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, etc.

At the same time, they have very health concerns for their guest and crew members for smooth operations during COVID.

Basic Guideline For Cruise Line As per CDC

All the Cruise Line need to follow these basic guidelines, If they are resuming service. And these guidelines are:-

  • Wearing a mask is very very important for both, Guests and Crew members. All the time they have to wear mask Onboard and Shoreside as well. This one is mandatory for everyone on board.
  • COVID Test, Everyone needs to do the COVID test before Embarkation, Crew Members, and Guests.
  • Social Distancing, Social distancing is also mandatory for all the guests and crew members, Onboard, Terminals, Shoreside, and private island.
  • Hand Washing guidelines are changed, They increase the number of handwashing and hand sanitizing area specially high-Traffic places.
  • They are providing a high training program for crew members about COVID protocols on board.
  • There are many cruise line operation update that will notify you when you will plan for any voyage with cruise lines.

Carnival Cruise Line Cancelled Additional Cruises

Carnival Cruise line notify about their canceled plan of 2021, They canceled all embarkation from US Port through 31, January 2021.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is giving 125% future cruise credit, Guest can use this credit until 30, April 2022.

CDC Released No Sail Order for Cruise Line, Since a long time CDC announced No Sail Order for Cruise Line but finally they release no sail order with lots of new guidelines.