NCL Vaccination Requirements for Crew Members

NCL ( Norwegian Cruise Line) announced vaccination requirements for the crew members in April 2021. These vaccines are very important for crew members, and every crew member required to vaccinated before on board.

The Crew members or Staff members can be vaccinated in their home country. If any crew members are not able to get vaccinated in their home country then no need to worry they can get vaccinated while sign-on process at no cost.

Vaccine Brands Currently Accepted by NCLH as of April 19, 2021

These vaccine for vessels operating outside the United States

  • Moderna
  • Johnson and Johnson / Janssen
  • AstraZenca / Covishield / Oxford
  • Sinovac
  • Pfizer BioNTech / Comirnaty
  • Sinopharm
  • Sputnik
  • Covaxin / Bharat Biotech

These are the eight vaccines are accepted by Norwegian Cruise Line Limited, So If you are a crew or staff member of NCL then you need these vaccines before sign-on.

The Norwegian Cruise Line Operating Outside of the United State in the month of July 2021 and August 2021 with three ships, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Joy, and Norwegian Gem.

Norwegian Jade sailing from Athens, Greece, and Norwegian Joy and Gen from the Caribbean in August 2021.

Will Cruise Lines Require Covid Vaccine?

Many of you have lots of queries about vaccine requirements for Cruise ships and this is what they want from every crew members.

So yes almost all the companies need to be vaccinated before onboard like NCL, TUI, etc. So Please double-check with the cruise company before going for vaccination.

When will Norwegian Cruises Resume

Norwegian Cruise Line resume sailing again with their three ships outside the United States And these ships are Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Joy, and Norwegian Gem.

Norwegian Jade resume 25 July 2021, Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Gem will resume August 2021.

We are expecting to resume with some more ships in September and October 2021, So no need to worry. Good time is coming soon for cruise line.

Some of the cruise companies can resume sailing in June 2021 like Dream Cruise companies. So yes this is a really good sign for cruising company.

Why do you want to work on a cruise ship is a really very important question and you must know the answer of this question before apply for cruise ship jobs.

Medical for Seaman|| Medical for Seafarers||Cruise Ship Jobs

There are two types of medical examination for Seafarer that’s called “International Labour Organization (ILO) and Pre-Employment Medical Examination(PEME)”.

ILO Medical you need to do during your safety training like STCW safety training, CDC, etc., and PEME you need to do just before joining your assignment or Before joining your Ships.

Cost of ILO Medical

The Cost of ILO(International Labour Organization) medical examination is dependent upon DGS approved medical hospital but Its approx price is between Rs.2500 to Rs. 3500.

Cost of PEME Medical

The total cost of PEME is dependent on the company to company, Some of the companies need their preference medical test from individual crew members. And they ask DGS approved hospital medical examinational as per their need.

An Approx Cost of PEME is between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 8000, But this money could be refundable. Some of the companies refund your medical amount like Norwegian Cruise Line. But not all Cruise Line like Carnival, RCCL, Disney, etc.


Guidelines for the Medical Examinations of Seafarers

The basic guidelines for medical Examinations of Seafarers is supposed to be fit and fine.

  • Go for medical without having any food because there is some medical test need to do with an empty stomach.
  • Make sure do not smoke and drink before 2-5 days of medical test.
  • If you are suffering from any kind of disease then please avoid that day to go for a medical exam.
  • If you had passed through any major illness in past then please share with doctors.
  • In case you have eyeglasses then carry them during the medical day because you need to show the eyesight glasses.

Medical Fitness Certificate for Seafarers

You will get a medical certificate from the same DGS hospital which certified that you are able to work on sea or fit for work on Sea.

In some of the cases like If you are on medical leave from your current company at that time also you need this medical fitness certificate to reschedule your joining date. All the Cruise companies will ask you for your Initial for your joining.

Initial means what was the major issue for your medical leave and what was the treatment you had done to fit. Everything will be mention on your Initial and your medical fitness certificate.

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Why Do You Want to Work on Cruise Ships Interview Question And Answer

Why do you want to work on a cruise ship is a very important question, If you are looking for a job on a cruise ship then you must need to prepare a good answer to this. This question (why do you want to work on a cruise ship) can ask you twice during your cruise ship job.

They can ask you at the time of your Cruise ship job interview and second, they can ask you about Immigration as well. If you failed during Immigration in this question then they may send you back home. So here I will let you know the best answer.

Why Do You Want to Work on a Cruise Ships Best Answer

There are many answers to this question and you can give your best answer but If you really want to work on a cruise ship then you must need a correct answer.

I recently did a community post about this question and you will not believe only 26% of people guess the correct answer and all the rest choose the wrong answer. Here I gave four options to choose the best answer.


  • To earn Money, So that you can support your family.
  • To improve your skills and Knowledge.
  • To Earn money and At the same time, you can roam/travel around the world.
  • I have my own reason.

The Question is very easy and the answer is also very easy but you need to choose the best answer for this. So that you can get your dream job and you can fulfill your’s all dream.

Why do you want to work on Cruise Ships and the best and correct answer is “TO EARN MONEY, SO THAT YOU CAN SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY”.

See, If you answer like this then the interviewer or immigration officer will think yes he/she thinking about family and for sure he/she will come back to home country for their family and will not cheat with company.

Because some of the people join cruise ship to jump over the company which is really very bad for the whole nation. Because of few narrow-minded people, whole country people get suffer. If someone does like this then the hiring company does blacklist him/her and they do not take any more new crew from that country.

So whenever you join cruise ship jobs please be loyal to that company and make your country proud of you.

In 2016-17, Many Indian crew members jump ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE which was very shameful for all Indian seafarers. During that time all the cruise companies stop hiring any fresh crew from India because of this.

Many of the fresh crew members did not get the next assignment because of that, So guys please do not do anything like that which makes us suffer for all Indian seafarers.

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