Cruise ship update news

cruise ship update

Good news, good news, cruise ship update news is here. finally cruise line is back for service or resume for service. We all know that the Cruise industry is suspended from a long time because of the global pandemic. This is the latest cruise ship update news about resuming back for service.

It was pause their service. If you do not know why and when it was paused then no need to worry. I will let you know all the update about cruise industry.

When and Why Cruise Industry Paused Their Service?

February,2020 Diamond Princess Cruise found many passengers and crew were COVID-19 positive and Source says that may be this ship could be the reason to spread the COVID-19 around the world.

After this latest news, all the cruise industry pause their service in the month of March, 2020. At the beginning cruise industry was suspended their service for a month only.

April,9, 2020, CDC announced no sail order for all the cruise ships till further notice because of the health and safety precaution for Americans.

See, We all know about coronavirus and how fast it’s spreading around the world and this cruise industry have volume of people at a time and this could be a way of spreading this virus this is the reason CDC announced no sail order till further notice.

When will cruises resume 2020

It’s a great update from majority of cruise industry about their resuming for service. Most of the cruise line are promising to resume on service in 1st and 2nd November, 2020.

All the big cruise line can resume for service in 1st or 2nd week on November, 2020. And these cruise line are Carnival Cruise line, Royal Caribbean Cruise line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruise Line, etc.

I also believe some of the ships can resume for service in particular places but If you thinking all the cruise company will resume for service with their all ships then you are wrong.

They must check the situation of virus around the world and then they will come slowly-slowly in the service.

All the Cruises are suspended until October, 31, 2020, and they expecting to resume on service in November 1st week.

So be ready for unlimited fun onboard after six month, We all are very exited to have fun like no tomorrow.

Caution of Resuming on Service without covid vaccine

You know better then me what happening next to you, Cruise industry is all about onboard service in sea, It’s not land base service. So my concern is If one of the guest get positive on board then there is a 100% chance to spread this virus in everyone very quickly.

So If you are planning to do cruising in coming day then be very very careful with your health and safety on board, I mean to say your safety in your hand.

For more details you can visit to their official website to know more about Discount and offers for cruising with them.

They must have lots of discount and offers for cruising after this pandemic.

If you are a crew or looking for jobs in cruise line then below link will help you…

Cruise Ship Job Interview Questions and Answers


Casino Jobs on Cruise Ships

Casino jobs on Cruise Ships is one of the most entertaining games around the world and today I will let you know everything about Casino jobs on Cruise Ships.

Most of you have no information about cruise ships jobs like, age limit for cruise jobs, Qualification, Experience, etc.

If you are looking for a Casino Jobs on Cruise Ships then you can apply from anywhere by these method.

See, there are many ways you can apply for cruise ship jobs but explain few best one in video below, So please watch it once if you really want to be part of Cruise ships.

Age Limit for Cruise Ship Jobs

As per United State Labour Low, the minimum Age limit to work on a Cruise Ships is 21 years old and there are no Maximum Age Limit to work on Cruise Ships.

Anyone can apply for Cruise ship jobs if he/she is above 21 years old.

If someone have 35 years old and want to join cruise ship jobs then he/she can apply but if someone have 40 years old then for them there is very tough to get jobs.

Cruise Ships company wants to hire youngest team for their work, like between 21-35 years old.

Qualification for Cruise Ship Jobs

If you want to join Cruise Ship Jobs then your qualification should be minimum 12th pass. For better opportunity you should have graduation certificate from any of university.

Most of the time people says if I am just 10th pass then can I join or not. So answer is yes you can join cruise ships but you have only 5% chance to get job.

For 10th pass will have to start as a galley utility If you have really good communication skills.

Experience Require for Cruise Ship Jobs

See, experience is one of the most important criteria for cruise ship jobs, so If you are thinking for Cruise Ship jobs then your experience should be minimum 2 years.

Most of you want to join as a fresher’s which is not possible. Once you have done your study then try to get an experience in a good property or brand.

Salary for Casino Department

Salary always depends upon company to company and you post also, so never think about salary If you really want to join Casino department.

Minimum Salary in casino department is $1000+ and maximum not limit.

You can get better cash tips in casino department, There are centralized tips as well personalized tips, so stay motivated always.

Duty hours in Casino Department

If you are working on port day It’s mean you don’t need to work long hours, like if it’s a port day then you will have to work only 8-10 hours.

But if you are working on sea day then you will have to starched yourself gor 12-13 hours.

Is there any Off working on Cruise ship

Working on a cruise ship, There are no weekly off If you are working on cruise ships either you are a crew members or officers.